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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Even Doyles Toadies will only stoop so far for their master

The Wisconsin Election Board a major cog in the Doyle Crime Syndicate today refused to return to the scene of their last crime. The Board refused to order the next Governor of Wisconsin Mark Green to divest the remaining $750,000 left from his federal campaign war chest. That money was not stoled from Green in the daring daylight smash and grab robbery the Election Boards carried out a couple of weeks ago on Jim Doyles lawyers orders. When the board stoled 467,844 they must have figured they would never be able to pull that stunt again. Either that or the email instructions from Jim Doyles campaign never arrived leaving the Election board henchmen without orders.

To be honest I am amazed the board didn't order this money divested. I mean the DCS is so worried about the November election that they are becoming more and more brazen and I cannot believe they will be happy they couldn't steal this money from Greens war chest.

I am sure Doyles people are on the phone expressing their Dons displeasure with the boards ruling. I wouldn't be surprised if the cement is already being mixed up ;)

Not a bad day for the Green Team now on to the Supreme Court and see if they can get the rest of their money back.