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Sunday, October 15, 2006

On Meeting Dr. Kagen.

Last night at a benefit for a friend stricken with cancer Dr. Kagen showed up. Dr. Kagen & his family are good friends with a friend of mine.

Nice guy, seemed sincere and all. What? Did you expect I would say he was a slobbering fang-faced monster? It seems on a personal level him and I would get along well.

However, as you all can expect I still am voting for and supporting John Gard.

The left is trying to turn these races into national referenda on President Bush. Why not? The choice is clear President Bush or terrorist coddling dems. I do not mean to say Dr. Kagen is a terrorist coddler, but the other members of his team sure are. Remember, politics is a team sport and I definitely do not like some of his [Dr. Kagen's] teammates.