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Friday, October 27, 2006

Falk vs Van Hollen poll numbers and the Lying GWC Ad

Yes poll numbers good or bad are not the be all to end all in Politics but I do find it funny the MJS found time to write about the WPR/St Norbert's poll when it showed The Crook up 13 point or so on Mark Green. Even though no campaign worth anything would trust a WPR/ST Norbert's poll if their life depended on it.

But if they have not found time to write about the poll, sponsored by the state Realtors association that showed Van Hollen leading Falk 42 percent to 35 percent. The poll had a margin of error of 4 percentage points. The only place you can find it, is in a article at where they mention it in passing.

Now that poll is still within the margin of error but you would think it would be worth a mention. If the numbers were reversed you know the MJS would find time to write about it.

I am guessing the internal polls are close to this or even better for Van Hollen, why else would Xoff and his band of LYING BASTARDS that make up GWC running ads against JB that are so false that Democratic DA's are lining up to denounce Falks/GWC's ad.

As of 4:20pm Friday 3 Democratic DA's have already denounced the Falk/GWC ad.

Dem DA number 1 "I’m ashamed to say this is being done to help a fellow Democrat" said Pepin Co. District Attorney Jon Siefert. "I’m proud to be a Democrat but I want the world to know I don’t tolerate that kind of garbage. I hope the ad never runs, but if it does, shame on the Falk team."

Dem DA Number 2 "That television commercial by the Falk supporters is off base," said Iron Co. District Attorney Martin Lipske. "It’s disgusting and not true. JB Van Hollen achieved the ultimate disposition on the Newago case and that is a sign that he is the only true prosecutor in this race. Fighting crime and bringing justice to victims is not a partisan battle. I’m a Democrat, but I support JB Van Hollen because he is the only candidate running who has experience bringing justice to victims of violent crime."

Dem DA Number 3
"An ad such as the one now running shows the Falk team's lack of understanding of the way the criminal justice system works," said Thibodeau, a Democrat.

So there you have three DA's who are not part of the VRWC or Charile Sykes Stormtroopers saying your not telling the truth Xoff.

Hey Xoff this ad is even low for a slime merchant such as yourself. But then again when you have no honor who cares about the truth right.

Your girl Falk is having her head handed to her and you know it. Why else would you stoop to something that is low even by Greater Wisconsin Committee standards.

GWC= a pack of Lying Bastards.

Come Xoff comments are open tell us all how true your GWC ad is/was since it will be pulled by Sunday night if not sooner.

We are winning and the Rats know it.

Chris SH2