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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Useful Idiots

A useful idiot is someone who, while choosing to zealously promot a cause, ends up advancing a very different one through stupidity, naivete or inattention. The useful idiot never sees the big picture and typically are driven by blind hate and ignorance. They are led by and feel they belong to, an arrogant and self proclaimed leftist intelegensia, who think you are too stupid to know the truth of any subject matter.

There are many examples of individuals, of institutions, and of organizations that inadvertently become victim to the insiduious reaches of such propaganda.

We have Muchlinski’s, Sjoberg’s, and Baumanns in Hudson. We have O’Brien and the local WEAC mafia in New Richmond. We have Murtha, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Polosi, and Reid on a national scale touting cowardise and lack of conviction to confront their enemy. Democrats are poised to re-enact a version of the Vietnam-era drama that helped them lose five out six presidential elections between 1968 and the end of the Cold War. Who is leading them? This frightens me because they are on the pearch to garner power.

Such is the case of the media as well. In fact they are the duplicitious in in excerbating the lies and propaganda put forth by these individuals and groups. On a national scale we have PETA, the ACLU ( The greatest subversive entity in the U.S), NOW (The reality is the group is a radical feminist, man hating, liberal insane assylum), etc… We have CBS fabricating documents impuning the President. We have ABC not being forthright in there reporting of the Foley case. We had CNN helping Hezbola stage pictures in Lebanon. Addionally, we have the local Rivertown news as well, vocalizing and touting the leftist agenda.

If the left can say that Bush is causing more terrorism around the world by confronting the ones who want to kill us in the name of Radical Islam, then couldn’t you conclude that the examples above are doing the same by energizing groups who don’t agree with them? Everyone is for animal rights. But to become a vegan because of it is foolish. CBS and ABC seem to have a vested interest in anything that they can call a failure of the Bush admisitration. Notice how many shows and supposed news has about the reduced numbers of hurricanes this year, about the economy doing so well, how much more tax revenue the feds are collecting, about the number of Iraqi’s that are now going to school, how Bush has quadrupled the amount of education spending in the last 5 years, or the fact that we have not been attacked on our soil since 911?

I’ve always said there is no such thing as the political middle, and anyone who claims to be in the middle is one of two things; a confused and clueless fence-sitter, useful idiots for either side and great pawns, or outright liars.

We are staring into the face of a crossroad between a potential takeover of the congress and senate by the ilk of Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, Kerry, etc… I don’t need to point out the differences between the radical left and what one could call the center, Humphrey Democats, Liberman, and Zell Miller. Hold on to your wallets, your religion, your guns, your civil rights, and anything else this intelegensia crowd will try and tell you is in your best interest.

The same can be said for things manifesting themselves at the local level as well. Do we want four more years of Doyle and his illegal henchmen at the helm for another term? Do we really need a new library? Do the actions of the School Board give you confidence in their underhanded tactics? Why has their propaganda machine used your tax dollars to tell you they know better? The answer is easy. The cog in their machine are “useful idiots”. They want to assimilate you as well. What say you, to be a “Useful Idiot”?

Chris @ OTBL