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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worth another look

I just had my second-best-ever hit total for a single day. (Note: my best days of traffic would be severe disappointments to most other BBA members.)

That made me look back at my best ever day - May 24, 2006, when I wrote this:

What's a conservative to do?

Conservatives are disillusioned. One doesn’t have to read blogs to know that. They – we – are upset with political leaders who seem to be ignoring conservative principles, and we’re asking ourselves a very circular series of questions:

If we re-elect Republicans in November, aren’t we telling them we approve of the job they’re doing?

But as bad as the Republicans have been, aren’t they still better than Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Henry Reid?

But as bad as that would be, won’t it be better in the long run if the Republicans lose, take the hint, and get back to their conservative roots?

But what’s the point of sending a message if the Republicans don’t have any power to implement that message?

And, if the liberals take Congress now, what’s the guarantee we’ll get it back anytime soon?

We’re mad, but whatchagonna do? Vote for Tammy Baldwin?
Seems like these are questions worth revisiting, since we're a week away from Election Day.