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Monday, October 23, 2006

Dr Steve Kagen "The Great White Father"

Charlie is all over the use of a ethnic slur by Liberal Moonbat candidate Dr Steve Kagen.

Once again a well to do Liberal shows his elitism streak. Dr Kagen showed what he really thinks about the "little people" when he was in what he thought was a safe environment. I wonder what kind of "Injun" Jokes Dr Kagen tells in the health club locker room, if he is willing to use a slur like that in public?

Charlie is right the Moonbat/Progressive/Liberal left in Wisconsin will just look the other way. Hey its only a little bit of Liberal Elitism no one died right.

Our friends on the left love to paint we conservatives as the evil ones I myself was called a Nazi, skinhead, Klansman, beer sucking knuckle-dragging moron in a comment thread over at Owens outstanding blog(a founding BBA member) by a Rat, for the crime of celebrating Capitalism. They love to call us the racists but they always over look when one of their own uses language such as the language used by Dr Kagen.

Everyone all together now "Double Standard"

Come on Chris why are you bringing this up you know that Dr Kagen didn't mean Injun in a bad way. That is why he wants to be the Congress Critter for the 8th CD so he can take care of all the Injuns in his district.


As usual imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth if Gard had said this.

Chris SH2