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Monday, October 23, 2006

Shock. Overwhelming shock. The Post-Crescent Sunday said Governor Doyle has a “pretty good track record.” Pretty good. Just what Wisconsin deserves. Kind of like this year’s Packers. Pretty good.

And Doyle is more “believable.” What? Believable is determined by one’s basic political beliefs. Believe what you want about the issues, but don’t tell me one of these two very qualified public servants is more believable. Be more honest. Tell me you believe more strongly in his basic fiscal policies.
From:Gannett: Liberal bastion in a sea of red ink? - (Jo Egelhoff)

So begins Fox Politics by Jo Egelhoff. Jo is a friend of mine and is a frequent contributor to WisPolitics. So, I would suggest to the manglement that Fox Politics be added to the Red Wisconsin blogroll!

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