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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"They’re asking for help. That’s why they’ve committed a crime. "

Don Charlie has a funny(not ha ha funny)post about the millionaire moonbat Steve Kagen who is running for Mark Greens old congressional seat(I bet Bryan Kennedy would vote for Kagen he would look past the whole millionaire thing)and how he is soft on crime.

"They are asking for help. That's why they have committed a crime." Hmmm but what if they are just criminal scumbag jerks?

I would love to hear the conversation if the good Dr Kagen found a intruder in HIS home at 3am. I mean what would Dr Kagen do if the scumbag oops misunderstood individual didn't respond positively to his attempts to talk the problem through. Oh wait what am I talking about this is the Commando Doctor he would "Take him out" but then feel bad about it. Since confrontation is never that answer if your a moonbat. Surrender is ok but never confrontation.

I sure hope the good people in the 8th CD don't really want this guy as part of the team protecting them from terrorists.

Once again another lib whose motto's is "Stop that or I will ask you nicely to Stop again"

Chris SH2