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Friday, October 06, 2006

Why do they hate the word Big?

I was watching some sporting event yesterday I cannot remember if it was a college football game or a playoff baseball game yesterday was a sort of a sports blur. And I was lucky enough to catch Senator "Empty Suit" Kohl's campaign ad where tells the good people of Wisconsin he is going to get those evil "Big Oil" Companies? I just found the ad kind of silly since gas is now closer to 2 dollars a gallon than 3. We have already asked people like Senator "Takes up Space" if Evil Big Oil has that much control over the prices why have they ALLOWED the price to fall so far so fast?

But I guess Herbie has to pander to his base and we know how the left hates big oil. Most of them still drive cars but they hate big oil. Actually I think the moonbats hate anything that has big in front of it Big Oil, Big Tobacco Big Pharma etc you get the picture. I bet if you put Big in front of the Democratic Party the moonbats would start hating it in a sort of Pavlovian Conditioned Response to the word big.

But then again they like, no correction they love Big Government and they love Big Taxes so maybe it isn't just the word big that sets them into fits. I guess you have to tie the word big with a industry that knows what its doing and makes a profit. Then they really hate Big_______ (fill in the blank)

I wonder when was the last time Senator Herbie even bought a gallon of gas personally not had an aide do it?

Chris SH2 CP@SH2