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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If Kennedy is pulling crap like this what would he do if elected?

While they stink as bloggers when the Spice Boys stick to their day job they tend to find the neatest stuff about politicos. In today's MJS they point out another example of Liberal political Zombie(he may be walking around but politically he is dead)Bryan Kennedy wading deep into the legal/ethical grey area.

It may be legal but it still strikes me that Mr Kennedy thinks that those political donations were given to support him and his family. Can you imagine the wailing and mashing of teeth if it was his opponent Jim Sensenbrenner who was using his campaign money to pay babysitters.

So if he wins(Bwaaahahahahahahahahaha if he wins damn I can write some funny stuff sometimes give me a moment while I catch my breath) Once again if Mr Kennedy wins (snort holding breath so I don't laugh again) Ok I am going to get through this if Kennedy wins will the tax payers be force to pony up for a nanny?

Mr Kennedy likes to play himself off as the victim

"I find it interesting, though, that you guys are going after the middle-class candidate instead of going after the multimillionaire," Kennedy said." quoted from the MJS. Only when the middle-class guy is a jealous baby always playing the class warfare card.

Senator Kohl is a multimillionaire and I bet Mr Kennedy will be voting for him. Tom Renyolds is a middle class guy I bet Bryan doesnt have any problem with the shots the Spice boys have taken at him.

Can someone explain something to me, didn't a State rep from Milwaukee get busted by the Feds for doing basically the same thing using campaign money to pay personal expenses? I am sorry babysitting is a personal expense we don't receive any money from my wife's Evil Multi National to pay our kick ass babysitter(me)

I wonder how many yard signs or pieces of lit $8,794 would have bought him? All you Kennedy supporters should be asking that question after he loses.

Makes you wonder if he is gaming the system like this already what would he do if he (snort) won. It is a good thing we will never have to find out. LOL.

Chris SH2