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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Doyle: Boycotting Seinfeld Because of Richards

Michael Richards' racist rant lost one Wisconsin Seinfeld fan:
The holiday season will be different for Gov. Jim Doyle this year, because he won't be celebrating Festivus any more.

Festivus is an "airing of grievances" holiday created by character Frank Constanza on the long-running sitcom Seinfeld - a show that Doyle used to avidly watch.

Not any more, Doyle said. Recently, Seinfeld star Michael Richards, who played "Kramer," landed in hot water when he launched racial epithets at audience members during a stand-up show. Since then, Doyle said he hasn't watched an episode, and he doesn't plan to any time soon. And he won't be celebrating Festivus this year because of Richards.

"It will be a long time before I watch one again," Doyle said. "It was totally outrageous and for a total Seinfeld fan, I'm deflated by it. I'm not going to watch a show with a guy who's so openly racist. I'm not celebrating Festivus this year, I'm afraid, because of Michael Richards."

Huh? Kramer wasn't racist in any episode of Seinfeld. And isn't a boycott pretty harsh on the other chracters? Why should they be punished because of Richards' flapping lips?

Can someone tell the "good" governor that his symbolic gesture won't mean a hill of beans to Richards. You know the guy's career wasn't so hot if was doing stand up comedy. Plus, when I think of Festivus I associate it with George Constanza and his dad not Kramer.

MJS: Going After a Black Man

Stop the presses! Ricardo Pimentel and his gang of merry editorialists actually think a public official has done so much wrong in office to deserve being booted. They think Michael McGee/Jackson should be recalled. The editorial reads, "The bill of particulars is so long, it's hard to sum up." The same could be said for Gov. Doyle, but instead of wanting him to lose they endorsed him. If I were McGee/Jackson and his racist dad I'd blast the newspaper for worrying about a black man representing a small part of Milwaukee while ignoring the corrupt white guy running the state. Being one-trick ponies those two will just use the being black part.

Some of our liberal brethren say...

...that I’m passing the buck in yesterday’s post, about the confluence of factors that led to the Republican defeat this year. Andrew, at the College Democrat blog, and Grumps, from Happy Circumstance consider that I’m avoiding responsibility.

I disagree. I did blame fate, to a degree. But I also highlighted the conventional wisdom on what Republicans did wrong, and I wondered (and continue to wonder) whether we couldn’t have anticipated some of this more effectively.

But: candidates have to decide early – months in advance, if not more – whether or not to run. They don’t always have the luxury of detailed information, assessment, and predictions.

Plus, these opportunities don’t come every day. Sometimes you have to take your shot when it presents itself, no matter how long.

To many of these candidates – first timers, especially (I’m thinking of Greg Gasper, Van Wanggaard, Bill McReynolds) - had very little control over the environment in which they ran. It simply was what it was. Any other year, those candidates win.

I’m not trying to make excuses, just trying to explore the pitfalls that candidates can face, and maybe to highlight that none of us are really in complete control of our own futures.

Anyway, read my post, if you want. Then read Grumps’ comment. Then read this over at the UW College Democrats website (caution: scatologically naughty words!) and my comment on that. See if you agree that I wrote what I meant to write.

And pay particular attention to this paragraph in Andrew’s post:

One of the first (and best) things I learned in this business is a set of five rules: own your shit - no regrets, no apologies - don't talk big at the bar - work big, win big - results matter
That’s a good attitude.

UPDATE - Barry Orton weighs in, too. I actually blame my own lack of experience and arrogance (I didn't believe in my own lack of experience) for my 2001 loss.

Aaaaaand...I'm in a good mood, and so can't take all this with proper seriousness. My answer to Barry:

The problem is, you guys have been predicting that Iraq (and other Republican policies) would drag us down for the last 6 years. This is the first time you've been right! So why would I have listened to your predictions?

The real question was: how could we have predicted that the Bush administration wouldn't find a way to overcome that? Answer: we couldn't, because they'd always done it before. Better answer: they did turn it around - we simply haven't realized it yet.

I'm therefore forced to assume that this is all part of a grander plan to bring Republicans victory again in 2008.

Slip Slidin' Away

Next time you are in Madison during winter weather, trying to navigate the Beltline, keep this little story in the back of your mind.

Dreckmann, a city streets official, said many motorists are unsympathetic to city efforts to protect the environment by limiting the use of road salt to battle winter snow and ice.
"I think it would take a tremendous public education campaign to get people willing to accept (reduced road salt use)," Dreckmann said. "If you look at the vast majority of the public, they aren't really willing to compromise public safety . . . in the absence of a crisis."
Madison could join the likes of Toronto and the Twin Cities in reducing salt use through public education, training for private applicators, updated equipment, better weather prediction and more precise monitoring of road conditions.

Longer-term recommendations being debated include laws to regulate private and public use of salt, including mandatory training and certification for those who apply road salt.

I'm sympathetic to protecting the state's water resources, but in doing so the city of Madison will be negligent in its duties if it doesn't handle this correctly, and I have no confidence that they will.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Michael McGee (a.k.a. Jackson) saga moves to the next level

The recall effort against Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee/Jackson has turned in more than enough signatures to force the recall election. I have coverage, including audio from the Alderman and his father, from Sr.'s radio show.

You can see that this is going to be a really nasty fight, and race will be center stage, even though his opponent is also African American, the McGee's claim that she is really being backed by... well, I would rather not use the words he does, so you will have to listen for your self.
that's what they call a tease

BadgerBlogger: Alderman Michael McJackson recall moves forward

UPDATE: New post added

McGee Recall update: Juvenile attacks from McGee supporters

Monday, November 27, 2006

From The Shareholder Perspective

Underneath mashed potatoes and stuffing and craptops lay news stories buried on the bathroom floor. Like offended thirteen year olds the media and lawmakers are out in force with cans of lysol and incense. Even the offenders know that it stinks.

So goes the story of Christine Sinicki, Marlin Schneider, Mike Ellis or Fred Risser.
None of the above have ever claimed or in normal circles, used sick time - even when, in Sinicki's case - bedridden. Something that most people reading this post would get fired for. It could only happen in an artificial economy like a governmental entity.

Because, if a publicly held company that was held responsible by true market forces had a liability of $3.2 million hanging over its head in unpaid, accrued sick time, they would be downgraded by analysts to "dump". It's the same as debt. And of course, $3.2 million today will compound and explode five, ten and fifteen years from now.

Something that cannot be sustained, even by an artificial market like government.

And since anything government touches goes up in price dramatically (take the cost of higher education, for example, since 1988), you can bet that when medicine goes socialized that the taxpayer's share will also compound. And not in a saved-and-scraped-and-invested compound interest kind of way.

Pee Wee Herman's show had a "word of the day". And whenever you heard the word, you had to scream. Liability is the word of the day. Dumping the shares is the only option. Or dumping the employees who don't claim sick time. Pie in the sky you'll say, but it doesn't change the fact that it's the truth.

(also posted at the Confidentials)

Re: Post-Thanksgiving Reports

I had a nice Thanksgiving with my in-laws (yep, it does happen). Then, after little sleep, I stood in an insanely long line at Best Buy on Friday. Finally, I rekindled my war with the area squirrels.

Next up, Miracle's Third Time's a Charm

Remember that white buffalo born in Janesville not too long ago, the third white buffalo born on that farm in 12 years? It had a short life.

Lightning on Sunday night struck and killed two buffalo cows and three buffalo calves, including a white buffalo-Miracle's Second Chance-on the Heider farm south of Janesville, Dave Heider said this morning.

That wasn't a very lucky white buffalo. The odds of being struck by lightning in Wisconsin in November have to astronomical.


The Pack has Hassleback pegged.

The first pick was a fluke but the last two were not, they were just good prep work and execution.

John Kerry's Mistake

Was not that he misspoke about the joke about not being smart and winding up in the Army, it was the timing. Now, the election is over and Dems can let their inner leftists out.

The Democrats really do believe as John Kerry spoke a man featured just the other day in the blog Charilie Rangel said:
I want to make it abundantly clear: if there’s anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget about it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of educational benefits. And most all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.
Charlie Rangel quote from Little Green Footballs.

Hehehe, I'll draft you and then call you stupid. Real nice.

Re: Post-Thanksgiving Reports

I spent four hours of my Friday in the car driving to/from work and then when I got home I helped pick up & clean house in preparation for visitors from Chicago & Manila.

Fun fun fun!

Thompson Goes to Jail, Remains Silent

Today, Georgia Thompson began her 18-month sentence for bid rigging. As far as we know she hasn't squealed on any higher-ups because as Madison's WKOW reports, "No one else has been criminally charged in connection with the contract rigging." Maybe she did act alone. Or is she the most loyal bureaucrat on earth? Or maybe she's just a moron? Any thoughts?

Post-Thanksgiving Reports

How was your Turkey Day weekend? Eat too much? Get indigestion from watching the Cowboys stomp Tampa?

What about Black Friday? Who has their Christmas shopping done? Did you see anyone die crashing into a big tv on sale at Wal-Mart?

For me Thanksgiving weekend went smoothly. I went to my aunt and uncle's home near Green Bay last Thursday. We ate plenty of turkey, drank a little wine, and took an entire pumpkin pie home--that lasted only one day.

After pouring through the ads I didn't find anything to get me out on Black Friday. Instead, I slept late and watched whatever college sporting event was on tv.

Saturday was off to my aunt and uncle who live near New London for another turkey meal. The highlights there were meeting my cousin's girlfriend and tossing beanbags outside because the weather was so nice.

Sunday was football even though the Packers weren't playing. The Patriots beating the Bears made up for my bad fantasy football showings.

My Thanksgiving weekend turned out well. I kicked back with the family and ended up not eating too much.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Uncle Charlie wants you!

Found this on Free Republic.

The Wall Street Journal has a great article out today showing how completely wrong Charlie Rangel is about America's military.

I have the article in it's entirety cross posted at Stepping Right Up!

Term Limits - What say you?

We have a good post at OnTheBorderLine dealing with just a partial list of some of the Democrat's transgressions over the years. Republicans aren't the only ones who fall suspect to the rush of power. I hold politicians status's right up there next to the used car salesmen, you know, the ones who tell me that an old grandmother only drove this vehicle to church on Sunday.

As a question to throw out there, "What actions could curb or eliminate political corruption?". I think term limits could help. What say you?

See Incomplete list of democrat criminals

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Guess Who's Against Cheaper Prescriptions?

That's right. The state of Wisconsin.

The archaic minimum markup law, the same one that makes us pay higher gas prices that our neighboring states, is also blocking Target's attempts to sell prescriptions at $4 because it violates this relic of a pricing law left over from the Depression era.

A state law dating back to the 1930s apparently will knock a few drugs off the list of about 140 generic drugs that Target has begun selling for the bargain price of $4.

Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, or minimum markup law, bars retailers from selling products at below cost. The law prevents Target from selling 16 drugs, or specific dosages of a drug, at the $4 price in Wisconsin.

That's out of more than 300 items - when different dosages of the generic drugs are taken into account - included in the discount program.

Target Corp. could not be reached late Wednesday. But its Web site lists the drugs or dosages that are priced higher than $4 because of laws in Wisconsin and nine other states. The company began offering the discount program at all of its stores on Monday.

Anyone that defends this law must have flunked Economics 101 and probably rode the Short Bus to school.

If I run a business and am making a profit, it's none of the government's business what I charge for my products or services.

Wal-Mart has a similar program but it has not come to Wisconsin yet. Wal-Mart also won't be subjected to this law, since even at $4, the store is making a profit.

But Gov. Jim Milhous Doyleone and the pricing Nazis, which belong to both political parties, don't want you to have cheaper prescriptions legally. Don Doyleone would rather you buy them illegally from Canuckistan.

Why do I blame both parties? Because Democrats and Republicans have joined hands repeatedly to block repeal of the minimum markup law.

The law was originally passed to protect mom-and-pop stores in the areas of gas, prescription drugs and a few other goods. Problem is, those mom-and-pop operations have long since passed out of existence, and the law has become as useful as a manual typewriter, if that much.

It needs to be repealed and let the market determine the fair price. As we learned from the great Milton Friedman, the market always works.

Let the bidding begin

The MKE Online Blog of the Week contest pits several friends against each other this week.

Andy's blog, Citizens For a Safe Wisconsin runs as part of the group with the same name, they focus on an issue that I am a strong supporter of, protecting Wisconsin's families from Sexual Predators.

Peter's Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger is one of the finest blogs on Wisconsin current events from a Conservative point of view, that we have.

Ally, who runs From Metro-Belle to Marine has always run entertaining blogs, she now focuses on her move to join the Marine Corps. But her biggest claim to fame is that she beat Nick in an arm wrestling match at the last Drinking Right. (wish I would have brought my video camera that night, Nick would pay a bundle to keep that video off of YouTube.)

Aaron, from Subject to Change is acknowledged as the Clown Prince of the Cheddarsphere (well, one of them anyway), as well as the creator of the always anticipated, entertaining and even sometimes news-making GPL Podcast.

So instead of making a decision of who to vote for, I have decided to auction off my vote. Before you make your bid, remember that I have access to 40 gigabytes of email accounts, so that is literally thousands of votes that could potentially go your way... Let the bidding begin.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

RE: Would anyone like Mamma Mia tickets for Sunday?

Gun shooting, Klingons, and ABBA. Who know Chris was such a Renaissance man?

Would anyone like Mamma Mia tickets for Sunday?

Sorry to turn the BBA into a ticket brokerage lol but I have two very nice seats for Sundays 1pm show at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts for the musical Mamma Mia. I will be unable to attend due to the fact my wife has to leave Saturday for Paris. I don't feel like going to the show alone so I am willing to sell you the seats at face value.

The seats are in the Orchestra section right in front of the stage.

You would be in row E seats 35 and 36, these should be outstanding seats. And if you like ABBA music this is the musical for you to go and see.

Each seat has a face value of 62.70 I could meet with you on Friday or Saturday to get you the tickets.

If you would like to go to the show email me at I will get together with you and make arrangements.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Packers snub Wisconsin Hero's

I say we boycot the final game of the season if they don't allow the 440th to fly over Lambeau Field! These are our local hero's! This sucks bad!

JS Online: 440th's plans for grand farewell at Packers games falls through

The 440th Airlift Wing's quest to leave Wisconsin in style - with flyovers at Lambeau Field and Soldier Field next month - has been shot down.

Sleeker, faster jets or bigger cargo planes will perform the pre-game flyovers and not the C-130s the Milwaukee Air Force Reserve unit flew for hundreds of thousands of hours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries during a two-year deployment.

Wing commander Col. Merle Hart said 440th flight crews were excited about performing flyovers Dec. 3 at Lambeau and the final Packers game of the season, Dec. 31 at Soldier Field.

But then a Bears representative called Hart on Friday and told him that "we don't fit their image. I thought, 'Wow.'

"They kind of blew us out of the water. Our attempt was to go out with both flyovers because it's the last time the 440th will be in town. We tried to work it out to see if we could do a halftime show but was told no," Hart said.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Note to Conservatives that are ready to 'give up'

This is a note to those Conservatives that are ready to give up the fight for the Republican Party. I understand, and share the frustration you all have, I know that it would feel good to cut all ties with a party that has abandoned us, but we must continue to fight for control of this party.

There was a Republican some time back that had the courage and drive to fight for what he believed in, he suffered enough adversity to make a lesser man give up, but he had the guts to keep going.

  • He lost his job, so he ran for the state legislature, and lost.

  • He started a small business, a store, and failed.

  • He tried farming, but the farm also failed.

  • He ran for the Illinois legislature again, and lost.

  • Two years later, he ran again and won. But months later, his fiancee died and he had a nervous breakdown.

  • Two years later, he was reelected, but failed in an effort to become the Speaker.

  • A few years later, he ran for Congress... And lost.

  • He ran for Congress again, served one term, then he was defeated for a second term.

  • He was then defeated in an election for land Officer.

  • Defeated for the U.S. Senate.

  • Defeated as a Vice Presidential nominee.

  • He was then defeated yet again for the U.S. Senate.

With this long string of failures, this Republican could have given up, but he had the fortitude to continue through adversity, and went on to change this great nation. I believe that American Conservatives today, that are ready to give up should look to this mans record of failure, and learn from it. We must never give up what we believe in. We need to learn to press on even though all seems lost, and one day we will be victorious.

The man whose failures that I briefly chronicled above, was none other than Abraham Lincoln. For him, like America's Conservatives, failure is not an option, only a speed bump along the way to success.

Mequon moves toward better government

Good job Mequon! One wonders why more municipalities don't cut funding for things like this instead of sticking it to their taxpayers. Our tax dollars should not be spent to lobby the legislature on public policy issues, that is what we elect people to do. And this organization, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities lobbies against what most people want, namely:

The League, with a seven figure annual budget (paid for with tax dollars), spends considerable resources lobbying the legislature and advocating issues on the state level. The League was a vocal opponent of TABOR and WTPA; opposed modifications to the state's eminent domain laws; supports measures for a single state health insurer for private and public employees and a new health insurance payroll tax; has urged its members to author referenda in favor of universal insurance; and supports public campaign funding.

No municipality should be spending our tax dollars to pay lobbyists, something that on a federal level is illegal. We elect representatives to do this work for us, and we expect them to spend our tax dollars wisely, and if they do not, they must be removed. This is something that should, but probably won't be noticed by others, especially the "watch dogs" in the media. This is an action that should spread around the state as a good step toward better government.

Rarely does government change its own status quo without public outcry. Creating that public outcry is where you come in. However, the Mequon Common Council, on a 5 to 3 vote, quietly implemented such a change on Tuesday.

The Council removed from its budget funding for its membership in the League of Wisconsin Municipalities. Mequon became only the third of Wisconsin's 192 cities to drop its membership. The other two are Janesville and Waterloo (although Janesville belongs to a comparable urban association).

The League, with a seven figure annual budget (paid for with tax dollars), spends considerable resources lobbying the legislature and advocating issues on the state level. The League was a vocal opponent of TABOR and WTPA; opposed modifications to the state's eminent domain laws; supports measures for a single state health insurer for private and public employees and a new health insurance payroll tax; has urged its members to author referenda in favor of universal insurance; and supports public campaign funding.

The use of tax dollars for lobbying is wrong on so many levels. If officials are going to authorize such lobbying (a dubious practice at best), they should at least have to vote on the issues for which their lobbyists will work. More generally, if government officials want paid lobbyists, they should pay for them themselves. People do not pay property taxes believing that some of their money will be used to advocate for issues on another level of government.

Of course, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has not noticed Mequon's action. I do not care if Mequon gets a pat on the back for its action. That is not why I am writing to you. Rather, I hope that you can generate interest in this issue. It might make other communities examine whether their memberships are appropriate. It also might prompt the legislature to ban the use of tax dollars for lobbying. Federal agencies are not allowed to use tax dollars for lobbying. We should have similar rules for use of state tax dollars.

Of course, this is a move underfoot to force a reconsideration. Special interests never sleep.


John M. Wirth
Alderman, City of Mequon, District 4


Friday, November 17, 2006

Talk Like a Yooper Day, Eh

Okay, because I'll be sitting in a tree looking to whack some unsuspecting herbivore, I won't be here on Talk Like a Yooper Day, Eh, which you'll all remember is this Sunday, November 19.

I trust you will all carry on with reckless abandon and pseudo-Norwegian accents without me.

I also hope we can carry on just a little bit on Monday, the 20th. I hate to miss all the fun.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

RE: Tommy Thompson

Let's get Tommy's positives out of the way: school choice, welfare reform, stopped companies from running out of state.

Now for the negatives:

  1. Did taxes really go down under Tommy? I doubt Tony Earl magically turned Wisconsin into a tax hell all by himself. Was it the case of Tommy merely "slowing the growth?"

  2. Tommy liked to build roads. Here, there, and everywhere. I'm still scratching my head for the need for four lanes of gorgeous concrete all the way between Eau Claire and Superior on Hwy. 53.

  3. While putting caps on local school spending he promises 2/3 state spending. Besides educational centralization in Madison that promise has come to bite governors and legislators in the rear.

  4. Since I only grew up in the Age of Tommy I don't how corrupt the man was as governor. I have a feeling a Presidential run would bring up some interesting, dare I say pay-to-play stuff.

  5. If Tommy thinks he's going to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world with his "medical diplomacy" it proves he took too much Cipro.

  6. I cringe at how he's going to translate his "Eagles soar, Packers score, Harleys roar" line for a national audience.

Tommy Thompson


What do you all think about the possibility of Tommy Thompson running for President? Are you a homer? Of course being a homer goes only so far, after all none of us here (i.e. the contributors) would think about supporting a Feingold bid for the Presidency (well, it might be a good way to get him out of the Senate).

I am inclined to be a homer, but my last experience as being a political homer was not the wisest. I don't think Tommy would be any better with the veto pen and pork than W or when he was The Guv. I would like for him to come back and run for Feingold's job.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Veto override

I realize that this has almost zero interest to most of the state, even though as it happens the the largest county in the state, it has an effect on the rest of Wisconsin that no one wants to admit, but Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's veto of the entire budget was just overridden.

Re: Talk Like A Yooper day

I believe this video captures some of the sprint of the day.

You Betcha

Chris SH2

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Talk Like a Yooper Day, Eh

Don't forget, folks (er, I mean ya der hey), the first annual Talk Like a Yooper Day is this Sunday, November 19. Doncha know.

A few links for your perusal:

Da Yoopers
The Yooper Wikipedia page
Yes, there's a Wikipedia page.

And for some pseudo-documentary-ish material:

Fargo, starring The Shoveler.

What da heck is a Yooper?
Oh, and by the way: if you google the phrase "Talk like a Yooper," the first thing is this old post of Jib's.

Milwaukee Budget Veto

You can learn about Scott Walker's veto of the entire county budget from a few paragraphs in the paper, of from a 30 second spot on the TV news. You might get a quote or two, a 6 second sound bite, and maybe a picture of Walker holding the veto stamped budget over his head, but if you would like to see the entire press conference, I have the video posted at

Please share this with your Milwaukee friends, they must contact their County Board Supervisor, and tell them that they must uphold Scott Walker's veto, because Milwaukee is already taxed enough!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Download 2006 Blog Summit

I have video up of the blog summit held over the past weekend. So those of you that couldn't make it have a chance to check it out. It is broken into two approximately 1 hour videos (126 & 152 Mb files).

Videos posted at

Great now Russ is going to deny me .....

The fun I would have had bashing him for two years. But I guess since we will be surrendering in Iraq as soon as possible Russ feels his work here is done.

Well since the Party of Russ is in charge now Russ and his cohorts will actually have to try and do something other than bitch and whine now. So I am guessing I will have plenty of fun bashing him after all.

Always said Russ was a coward and he didn't prove me wrong.

Chris SH2

Russ Ain't Running

A Feingold Presidential run would have been entertaining, but at least he won't embarrass the state. Tommy Thompson will take up that slack.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smoking Ban In Appleton.

The smoking ban in Appleton was on the ballot again. This time the bar owners scaled back the request repeal the ban to taverns only. So, if you wanted to go to Victorias or Fusion the repeal would not have allowed either one of those establishments to permit smoking.

Some people apparently did not get that:
Yet ANOTHER resounding message from the electorate that we don't want bars, supper clubs, restaurants and pubic [sic] buildings [emphasis added] contaminated by noxious cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke.
Source: Fox Politics Reader Contribution by Bobbie Murray, Appleton.

Bobbie, "supper clubs, restaurants, and public buildings" were not part of the ban rollback. It applied to taverns only. It is my estimation (FYI, I know Bobbie) you don't visit taverns. Ban pushers promised tavern business would increase after the ban, but guess what? It dropped and isn't coming back. Part of it is, I am sure, some are going to Grand Chute, Little Chute etc, but I am quite sure most people are staying at home where they can smoke in peace.

Anduzzis opened up not too long ago. It is located on College Avenue downtown Appleton. They built the place with two floors and a beefing ventilation system. The idea was to bar (pun not intended, but I am keeping it) smoking on the first floor, but allowing it on the second floor. In fact, a couple of bar owners have stated they would not allow smoking in their establishments if the ban were rolled back. More power to them!

If the bar owners want to fight against the smoking ban let them, in the world they envision Appleton supper clubs & restaurants will continue to be smoke-free.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Re: Post election open thread question

Lautenschlagger beats JB. Peg, with all of her baggage still has real prosecutorial experience. Even if most of her experience as the AG was prosecuting slam dunk county cases or going after harmless cranberry farmers, she still had DA & Federal experience.

What hurt Peg was the antagonism between her and The Guv. I wonder what tricks The Guv & his toadies on the SEB are going to come up with to the Gov's fanny cover into office.

Doyle made a serious misstep here. Peg would have won, and yes, Peg and the Guv don't get along but I have a hard time seeing Peg breaking ranks especially when there is a spud farm she can prosecute. Now, as the left is fond of saying, there is a real check & balance on The Guv.

Now, onto Paul Noonan's comments.

Nationally, the anti-online-gambling bill and the use of the word "Macaca" almost certainly cost:

Huh? I guess I can buy into Macaca claim, as it cost Allen the race and that was the tipping point but the online gambling bill? The Macaca comment was certainly hammered on by the opposition press. Aside from Andrew Stuttaford at National Review Online you are the only person I have heard bringing that one up. I am quite skeptical it cost the senate.

Hey, that was the 2,500th post!

I am on a roll!

Isn't food more important than gas?

And if so, won't Governor Doyle openly criticize these extravagantly grotesque profit margins?

Kohl's Corp. (KSS) raised its full-year earnings forecast Thursday after reporting a 45% increase in net income for the third quarter.

Strong sales at Kohl's Department Stores across all regions of the country drove the results, the company said. The earnings were 4 cents ahead of the 64-cent-a-share consensus estimate from analysts.

For the quarter ended Oct. 28, the Menomonee Falls-based chain reported net income of $224.5 million, or 68 cents a share, up from $155.1 million, or 45 cents a share for the same quarter a year ago.

Net sales for the quarter increased 16%, from $3.1 billion a year ago to $3.6 billion.

Buh-bye, Air America in Madison

Clear Channel is deep sixing Air America in Madison

Clear Channel Radio's Madison division announced today that talk radio station WXXM/FM 92.1, "The Mic," will drop its progressive talk format at the end of the year, including shows on the liberal radio network Air America. Effective Jan. 1, the station will be part of the Fox Sports Radio network.

I listened from time to time, but I can't say that I'm going to miss it. 6 year olds are more rational than the hosts on some of those shows.

Post election open thread question

Given the general anti-Republican wave in this week's election, if the Democrats had stuck with incumbent Peg Lautenschlager in the AG race, would J.B. Van Hollen have still won?

Feel free to discuss this question or any other post election topic in the comments.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Only enough room in Madison for one

This is more quirky than ground breaking, but apparently Western Wisconsin voters decided that there is only room for one former reporter from Eau Claire's WEAU in Madison. Former on air news personality Pat Kreitlow defeated Dave Zien to join the State Senate while former on air news personality Rob Kreibich lost his seat in the Assembly to Jeff Smith.

Breaking News: Donald Rumsfeld ousted

Breaking news: Donald Rumsfeld has been ousted and will be replaced by Robert Gates.

I am updating this at BadgerBlogger.

Post Election Doldrums

Anytime government becomes the source by which problems are solved it can be said with the greatest degree of certainty that the ultimate solution will not be derived from an approach which encompasses logic and reason; but from one whose basis is wholly political. Government action always entails the use of force. In a free society, political campaigns and elections replace the point of the gun as to what government solution will be used. However as in the case of the gun, the goal of political fights is and always will be “winner takes all”. Politics is all about winning.

With stakes so high, the political process is less about the discovery of truth and fact through intellectually honest debate; but is instead bound by the individual’s desire to win which leads to a Machiavellian path of discourse and actions. Politics is inherently dirty because there can be no true compromise between opposing forces at the ballot box. Honest discovery would be the instant demise of one of these forces. Therefore, political survival by at least one faction, if not both, is dependent upon the ability to blur the truth and to mire in deceit. The history of this country’s political campaigns, even among its most honored and righteous individuals, is filled with volumes of lies, smears, slander, and violence. A “clean political” campaign can be regarded as the quintessential oxymoron. The true nature of politics holds true whether you are characterizing a national campaign for President or the election of local school board candidates.

Armed with content which is less than truthful, the political animal is on the constant prowl for more and more power. Power is the only means of survival for the political animal. What was witnessed yesterday is, in context, just merely a pause in the debate. I would dare say the majority of victories by the Democrats were simply because of anti sentiments towards the Iraq war, not minimum wage, taxes, nor the economy. This savage political animal was fueled by the left leaning press and was a lot to overcome.

What to do now. The first step is to take a short break, and rethink matters. Take stock of the positive aspects or underlying trends that may be found in the election results. Is your cause or the candidate(s) you voted for showing potential for future elections? Was the message acceptable, but not the messenger? Was the candidate wrongfully characterized? Can this be rectified.. Or, was the message flawed, and the messenger inextricably tied to it? How bad (or good) are the implications to you for the passage of a particular referendum? Basically, what worked in the campaign, and what did not. Accessing these aspects is important because you then can get re-energized and begin thinking about how to help candidates that represent your views in future elections. Point being here is that you have to take a little time and review matters in a rational and clear headed way.

Second option would be an outgrowth of point one above. This option is the “all is lost, screw it” option - without any action. What you do here is to basically give up and concede that those opposed to your views are too many in number and that unless something dramatic happens your positions will never prevail. There could be a host of reasons, but the fact is your ideas are not resonating with enough people. Consequently, you throw up the white flag and depart from the debate going about your daily life by ignoring such political matters entirely.

Third option is to vote with your feet. You see the writing on the wall and you no longer wish to live in an area of the country whereby the prevailing attitudes and political perspectives are so skewed towards a vision that you simply cannot live with that you pull up stakes and sell the farm. We have this choice, and it is the red states getting redder scenario. You search out a part of the country where your views are prevalent, and move.

The fourth option is the “help let Rome burn” option. What happens here is that you see clearly that the prevailing views will result in some disastrous effects. Voter participation is such that the vast majority do not take certain elections seriously enough to vote (generally local elections), but the impact of those elections have tremendous potential to cause serious problems - such as dramatic increases in taxation. So, you throw up your arms and say, “OK, let’s actually aid and abett the other side’s agenda.” We know what the outcome will be, so let’s jump start the process - in other words, in the case of a school district, you would actively support and promote the passage of any referendums, the state would be to support minimum wage, and the federal level, universal health care, etc., etc. The idea here is to push the agenda of the other side, with the obvious result of substantially higher taxes on those very people who did not participate in the elections that cause the rise in taxation. In short, you help light the fuse that will cause Rome to burn. One caveat, make sure you sell your house with plenty of lead time!

The last (fifth) option would be the “if you can’t beat em, join em” approach. .Errrgh! Or, the “I guess I am going to give up my core beliefs and moral perspective and fundamentally change my world view.” Under this option, you become one of them…. We have choices and options; the question remains as to what direction, or which options, will those for whom the election did not come out their way go?

All of members of OnTheBorderLine

Over Under Propositions.

What are the over/unders on the following political events:

*The days until JB indicts Doyle?
It would seem Doyle deserves this, but this means Lawton becomes Governor and that scares me even more. Are we looking at the Dem equivalent of Tommy Thompson in Doyle?

*Given the Dems get control of the senate what is the over/under in days until the house Dems initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush?

*The over/under in election cycles the Dems retain control of the house? A Corner contributor doesn't see a 30 or 40 year control like the last time he speculates each party will be able to hold on for about 3-4 election cycles. Wouldn't be the worst thing.

*The over/under on the number of days without a story about how Diebold stole the election? See the previous proposition (i.e. the over/under for this item is the same as the election cycles until the GOP wins back the house, or I suppose till the GOP wins its next presidency).

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a quick early thought on the Gov and AG races

Falk is in trouble while Green and Doyle trade the lead back and forth as the early Precincts report with only a couple hundred votes separating them. But Falk is already behind JB with almost as many precincts reported by 8000-9000 votes. That seems to me that some of people voting for Doyle are not voting for Falk.

I know its early but you would think Falk would be a lot closer to Van Hollen since the Governors race is so tight.

Chris SH2

The Spotted Horse voting report

I voted earlier today but I took my younger brother over to vote(his first time voting and he voted in the GOP camp) He had to register so I had time to chat with the poll workers. They said that ward had already beat their vote total for 04. My brother voted at 7pm he was number 1200 in our ward. There was a steady flow of people coming into vote even with only one hour left vote.

I would think these high numbers in Waukesha county bode well for Green and Van Hollen et al. I would be surprised if my ward didn't break 1300 before the night was over. With Waukesha being as Red as it is I am guessing 60-70% will break for the GOP.

I think it maybe a long but fruitful night.

If you voted thank you

I did vote for Dave Casper twice by the way ;)

Chris SH2

RDW Vote Report.

I voted at a few minutes before 5 tonight.

I was voter #777.

In '02 my district yielded 911 votes, there was a constant stream of 25 to 30 people and things were picking up with the after work crowd, in fact the ward was running short on ballots and reserves were being brought down from City Hall.

No doubt in my mind they will crush the '02 number.

There were people in line confused about the marriage amendment. I was happy to end their confusion. I did not tell them how to vote, just what each vote meant.

There was one frustrated looking one poll watcher, I didn't recognize him so I kind of think he was a Dem.

Someone with the last name Vlach was two spots in front of me? Kurt's family? Beats me.

Things were moving quickly and professionally.

Bombs Away...

Madison - A bomb threat this morning at Madison East High School prompted the city to close its polling site there and relocate it, state Elections Board Executive Director Kevin Kennedy said.

Kennedy said Madison city officials might ask the Dane County Circuit Court to extend the voting hours for that site due to the time it was closed.

Details on the bomb threat and duration of time the poll was closed were not immediately available.

Bomb threat closes Madison polling site

Somehow this will get blamed on the Republican's suppression effort and give way to a recount when it is found that Green prevailed.

Chris - OTBL

Today is the Day Get out and Vote

Help us hold the line get out in vote. Help make all the preelection polls seem silly.

Get every Conservative voter you know of to the polls PUSH PULL or DRAG them if you have to every vote will be important tonight.

Show the MSM they don't get to decided the election six months in advance.


Vote for Green

Vote for Van Hollen

Vote for you local GOP candidates it really is less taxing.

Help us shock the political world once again.

Chris SH2

Monday, November 06, 2006

VOTE: Doing My Part

Excerpted from:


Tomorrow's V Day.

I just finished listening to "Tax Man" over at the Llamas, from their floating sticky GET OUT THE VOTE post. Since I'm one of the many moderately frustrated conservatives, I felt it was important to speak to the issue directly, now.


Click over if you want to read the rest.

The One Thing You Have To Remember For This Election Cycle

In the immortal words of Chuck D of Public Enemy "Don't Believe the hype".

The MSM in Wisconsin and on the National Level keeps saying the conservative base is going to stay home. I don't see it, do any of you? Everyone I talk to seems pumped for tomorrow they have been manning the phones doing the lit drops and what ever else needs to be done for our side.

I think just like in other elections the MSM is going to wake up looking as stupid as they usually look after most elections.

There will not be a Rat Tsunami they may take the house I am still saying they wont it will be close but the GOP holds on to both houses.

Turnout will be the key you will need keep reminding any conservative/republican voter you run into to vote. Think of what we can do if we get our base out, Diamond Jim Doyle's reign of terror will be over and Ms. Falk's reign of terror will never start.

Think of the list of groups we can tell that they cannot buy Wisconsin's poltical process.

Reelect Tom Reynolds and tell the Road Builders to pack sand.

Elect Mark Green and JB Van Hollen and you get to tell the whole Rat power establishment to pack sand.

Tell WEAC, the Trial Lawyers and The Casino Interests that Wisconsin is no longer for sale.

So once again don't believe the hype/bs the MSM has been trying to feed you for the last 6 months in an effort to make you stay home and not vote.

Tomorrow by getting out and voting for GOP you can stick the figurative sharp stick in the eye of the MSM. And if that isn't enough reason to get out and vote the fun you will have listening to the Moonbats howl on Nov 8th after we hold the line will be priceless.

A couple of things from the market that the MSM will ignore since its more proof that the Rat landslide isn't going to happen.

The Dow Jones is up over a 100 points as of this writing and the stocks that should be getting sold off like mad if a Rat Reign of terror was about to start like "Big Oil" are actually up for the last week. The traders seems to be saying they don't see the Rats having as much power as they think they will.

Today and tomorrow are you last chances to get in the fight for this election cycle. You can make a difference

Get you and your family and your friends to the polls help turn back the Rat horde.

Here is to a Battle of Agincourt like victory where our organization and belief in what we are doing will defeat an over confident enemy.

Chris SH2

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tom Barrett: "The Supreme Court dropped the ball"

Tom Barrett said, on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes, that the state Supreme Court dropped the ball when they refused to rule on the money stolen from him via the Doyle controlled Elections Board. After the show, Charlie reports that Barrett says that no reporter ever asked him about it.

I have more coverage, including video, at BadgerBlogger.

Aliens replace MJS Ed board

With their counter parts from Bizzaro World Universe.

That has to be the answer to the this question.

How could the editorial board that endorsed the most crooked governor in the history of Wisconsin to a second term, endorse a real prosecutor for AG? Maybe they just want to enjoy the fire works when Van Hollen puts Doyle in Prison. They forget JB can do that after Mark Green has defeated Diamond Jim.

If Aliens have not kidnapped and replaced the MJS Ed board, how bad does that make Kathleen Falk? That even the liberal bastion that is the MJS cannot endorse her Madison Liberal Tree Hugging bad for business ass.

Remember this is a woman who is only 1-1 in Rat state wide primaries, so half the time she cannot even get crazy ass rat voters to vote for her ;)

Make the right choice on Tuesday and Falk isn't the right choice.

Chris SH2

MJS: There is still loot and swag left to be taken

That has to be the mindset behind the MJS endorsement of the most crooked governor in the history of Wisconsin for a second term.

MJS Ed Board: "Well he has not had time to steal everything that isn't bolted down." So lets give Diamond Jim Doyle 4 more years to lie and steal and sell state contracts and drive jobs out of Wisconsin.

In a related note Diamond Jim has unveiled his personal flag for the next 4 years if he is reelected.

Chris SH2

Remember this would never have happen if the Rats had been in power

A Iraqi tribunal sentences Saddam to hang

Saddam would still be in power the mass graves would still be being filled. The Rape rooms would still be running.

The sad dark truth is to large portion of the Rats would rather see President Bush being sentenced to hang than Saddam. Saddam wasn't evil but the BusHitler is.

Think about that when your voting on Tuesday.

Chris SH2

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Doyle Works the Pay for Play Trading Pit

photo from the MJS

Above Diamond Jim Doyle works the Political Contributions for State Contracts trading pit. As you can see he is signaling he has 4 state contracts up for a pay for play bid and he will open the bidding at $40,000 per state contract. Bill Clinton behind him is seeing if they can get a bid of $50,000 per contract.

Below Diamond Jim closes the deal with a Casino interest.

Sold to the nice Casino Builder from Kenosha.

Chris SH2

The Final Nail in the Credibility Coffin for the MJS

I thought the MJS had hit rock bottom when the chose Diamond Jim as the man to fight crime in Wisconsin. But not so fast the MJS hits bottom and starts digging with this editorial that makes The Most Crooked Governor in the History of Wisconsin Diamond Jim Doyle is their man when it comes to Ethics

I will keep saying it "No wonder their stock chart looks like a ski slope."

Please get out the Vote just so we can show these fools how little they matter anymore.

It does make you wonder what a Rat Politico would actually have to do before the MJS would walk away from them?

Doyle is a on the take they have no problem with that.

Falk is lying and slandering JB Van Hollen and MJS looks the other way.

Where is the investigative reporting on who and what makes up the bottom feeders at the Greater Wisconsin Committee they wouldn't want to do that story because GWC is for the Rats slime and all.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a real Newspaper like the NY Sun in Wisconsin.

Chris SH2

Re: If you're stupid, don't vote!


Jonah Goldberg has often commented that low voter turnout is just a sign of low voter turnout.

Voting is often characterized as an important duty but too often our society trivializes it. Trying to make voting easier than buying a McDonald's #2 meal and not requiring ID are two signs of that trivialization.

When one is a member of a voting body it is always an acceptable position to abstain. Abstaining from a vote is a good thing if you don't know what the vote is about. If you don't know what the parties stand for or what the candidates stand for than is that bad to abstain?

Friday, November 03, 2006

If you're stupid, don't vote!

I just loved this op-ed by new-to-me blogger Dan Kenitz. The gist: voting is a serious responsibility, so be responsible enough to know if you're too stupid to vote.

A couple of my favorite points:

If you think "Barack Obama bin Laden" is the country's greatest threat since "Albert Hitler," congratulations on graduating from the U.S. public education system. But don't vote.

If your primary motivation for voting is that someone offered you a pack of cigarettes if you vote for Candidate X, you're an honorary Democrat. Don't vote.

If you get emotionally upset because a columnist called you stupid, don't vote. You're easily excitable and shouldn't have any say over who gets access to The Button.
And finally:

...if you really use this list to figure out whether or not you should vote, you're stupid. Don't vote.
Dan runs a blog called that I never heard of before, but now I have. And so have you.

UPDATE - Charlie apparently read this column on the air today. I missed that.

And while I thought it was just pure funny, Folkbum didn't, thereby proving that liberals have no sense of humor.

UPDATE II - Dan posted some of the responses to his own column. The permalink isn't working (Hey Dan! Permalink's not working!), so just click over and look for the post titled "Two Sides to Every Schwartz," whatever that means.

We're in Eighth Place!

In the Get On The Phone Challenge the BBA (under my name) is tied for eighth place. Sure, we only signed up one person but we're still in eighth. Only 130 people behind the leader. Come on! Sign up, make some calls, and feel good on Election Day knowing you did your part keeping the Congress bright red.

Van Hollen sues Falk and GWC for Defamation.

"Waukesha, Wisc" Kathleen Falk'‘s desperate campaign and her supporters at the shadowy ”Greater Wisconsin Committee are being sued for defamation for lying about J.B. Van Hollen handling of a 2000 Bayfield murder case"

I hope JB wins this at least it may cause Ms. Falk to see what the inside of a court room looks like ;)

I do find it funny that the MJS can find time to report on the Commando/Great White Father Doctor Kagan is upset about John Gard's new ad calling him out for being a hypocrite when it comes to Medicare patients but they couldn't find any time to post about this lawsuit which I believe was filed this morning in Bayfield and Mr Van Hollen was in Milwaukee today so the MJS could have gotten a statement from him.

Hmmm the moonbat screams that an ad is untrue and the MJS has time for him even time to add an update but when its slimy liberal shadow groups and the Tree Hugging Lefty AG candidate who are being sued for Defamation they pretend it isn't happening.

Just another example why the MJS is a Joke as a newspaper.

Chris SH2

Former Bayfield County District Attorney Ruth Kress calls GWC out

The following is a transcript of an email sent to the lying slime merchants at the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund over their false attack ad against JB Van Hollen. I am sure most of you have seen it but not everyone is on the mailing list so I thought I would share it here.

November 2, 2006

Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

Attention: Michelle McGrorty

Madison, WI

In the past week, I have seen the politically focused TV ad concerning the case in Bayfield County involving Stanley Newago. The ad refers to Newago as a sexual predator and although as of December 19, 1999, when J.B. VanHollen became Bayfield County District Attorney, Newago had yet to be convicted of a crime involving sexual assault. It further references a $500 bond, regardless of the State’s initial request.

Obviously, this is an ad for which the inference is to pin blame for the tragic and brutal death of a young girl elsewhere instead of the person who committed the offense, Stanley Newago. The ad does not include any reference to the initial request by the State for a $1,000.00 bond at the time of his October 25, 1999 initial appearance on the charged sexual offense or a reference to the $500 cash ultimately being determined and set by the Court. There was nothing brought to my attention during my tenure that would have formed the basis for a bail modification request after bail was set. Why do you believe and insinuate that bail should have been changed? Did Robert Moore from the Innovative Research Group uncover any facts in his investigation that should have been brought to the attention of the Court while Newago was on bail?

No doubt you are also aware that I was the prosecutor that had previously charged Newago with another sexually violent crime against another young woman in 1998, but believed the State could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt at trial that Newago committed the office and ultimately dismissed the charges. Your agency cites provisions of the statutes that provides for bail to be modified yet you seem to overlook the requirement that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty when you call Newago a “known sexual predator” at a point when he had not yet been convicted.

Newago received life in prison without parole for the homicide, which was achieved by J.B.VanHollen, as well as a conviction of the previously charged sexual assault without trial. You have called your commercial accurate, but I disagree with your conclusion and would call it misleading especially when you base it on limited disclosure of facts.

Ruth D. Kressel

Former Bayfield County District Attorney from January 1993-December 18, 1999

Hmmm another DA who has done something that Kathleen Falk has never done prosecute a violent criminal case says GWC and Falk are lying and distorting facts. Wow the slime merchants at the Greater Wisconsin Committee lying and distorting facts who would have thunk it.

Just another reason to get out the vote and show the lying sliming bastards they cannot win using these methods.

Remember what Wisconsin's Business Climate will look like after 4 years of Falk and Jim Doyle's DNR partnering up to attack Wisconsin Farmers and Businesses.

Do we really want a Madison Tree Hugger as our Top Cop or a real Prosecutor.

Make the right choice on Tuesday and Falk isn't the right choice.

Chris SH2

Tom Renyolds was there for us!

As most of the posters and readers here would tell you I am as far from a Tom Reynolds Apologist as you can get and still be a Conservative. Tom and I both sit on opposite sides of the Conservative Big Tent but we are still on the same team.

We cannot sit back and let the Road Builders take Tom Reynolds out. He was there for us and is the only reason we as a grass roots movement were able to kill the automatic gas tax increase. Now the Road Builders want to make an example out of him heaven forbid someone get between a special interest and the public tax payer funded nipple.

The lengths that other side and the Road Builders have went to to try and defeat Senator Reynolds is disgusting they have lied about him and his use of Campaign funds to a point I believe a libel suit is in order for some of his attackers.

In the end it comes down to one thing, when we as conservative voters needed Tom Reynolds vote was he there for us? That answer is an easy one YES, on almost every issue we hold dear Tom Voted the right way.

I do not have a vote in that race but if you live in his district it is important you get the vote out we have to show the Road Builders it is the people who run this state not the special interests.

Think of how upset we will all be when we get Mark Green in office only to have to fight a Rat controlled State Senate. Don't let that happen we need to win this fight on all fronts think of what we can do with all three branches of State government out of the Rat hands.

So remember back to the gas tax vote when we need Tom Reynolds he was there for us lets be there for him on Tuesday.

Chris SH2

TheWisconsin Voters Chance for a Coffeyville moment

Finally the last Friday before the general election. Counting today only 5 days left until you as a Wisconsin Voter can help end Diamond Jim Doyle's reign of corruption.

If you are a Conservative or a Republican who can vote in Wisconsin you have a chance to tell the most corrupt governor in Wisconsin History Jim Doyle and his win at any costs supporters like Xoff that their run is over.

We can draw a line in the sand and take our state back from WEAC, The Indian Casinos, The Trial Lawyers and the rest of Doyle's supporters who think they can buy our state government.

If we do not get out this Tuesday and defeat Jim Doyle think of the Wisconsin that will be left in 4 years.

As Fred stated earlier this election is going to be all about turnout. The Rats and the MSM think they have demoralized us that we Conservative will sit this one out. Lets show them just like 2000 02 04 they will once again be wrong.

For most of us who do not live in the 8th CD or Tom Reynolds or Kathy Steppe's State Senate districts the two races that we can really make a difference in are the Governors race and the AG race.

We must get every vote we can out for Green and Van Hollen. The choice is simple a Wisconsin that moves forward or a Wisconsin that keeps sliding down the corruption slope under Jim Doyle. Imagine what 4 years of Doyle/Falk would do to the business climate in Wisconsin. How many thousands of jobs would that combo drive out of Wisconsin?

Get out the word this weekend we need to get every honest vote we can to counter the Rat cheating and voter fraud we know is going to go on in Dane and Milwaukee counties. Push Pull or Drag every conservative voter you can find to the polls on Tuesday. Keep talking to your Friends Family members and Neighbors

Tuesday's election can be the Wisconsin's Voters Coffeyville Moment. On October 5, 1892 the good honest average people of Coffeyville Kansas decided they were not going to allow the Dalton gang to come into their town and rob their banks they stood up to the Dalton gang and in a running gun battle defeated the Dalton gang killing most of the members of the outlaw band.

We the good honest average voters of Wisconsin can stand up to the Doyle gang and tell them we will not allow them to rob us anymore. Its time to tell them we have had enough.

If your one of the Conservatives out there still thinking of sitting this one out stop and think of what might happen if stay home and allow the Rats to hold on to the Governors Mansion and the AG office. Now isn't the time to pretend your Swiss if your a Conservative voter its time to "Get into the Fight"

Lets have our Coffeyville moment on November 7th.

Chris SH2

Still time to get a Mark Green Yard Sign

If you are in Waukesha County and still need or want more Mark Green Yard signs let me know I have some left.

email me at and we can work out getting you a sign.

Chris SH2

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Get On The Phone

Help Mark Green, JB Van Hollen, John Gard, and the rest of the state Republicans by calling supporters and asking them to vote. The Republican National Committee has made it easy to get names and numbers. Just sign up here. This effort is also a contest. The BBA will get credit for each voter called by you.

Turnout will make or break this election. Calling voters will help so much. If you have only 10 minutes to spare great. That's 10 voters reminded to vote for Mark Green so Wisconsin doesn't have to endure another four years of Jim Doyle's corruption and high taxes. That's 10 voters reminded to vote for JB Van Hollen so we have an Attorney General who focuses on fighting crime. That's 10 voters for John Gard so a numbskull doctor doesn't go to Congress.

Next time I'll actually look at what I'm endorsing before I endorse it. When I signed up I got a list of Missouri voters. The RNC thinks that the Talent-McCaskill race is more important than the Doyle-Green race. Too bad. Still, keeping the Senate in GOP hands is important. I still encourage you to make some calls. Sign up. But I really encourage you to contact your local GOP headquarters to help Wisconsin candidates.

All the "cool kids" are doing it. Let's see how Wisconsin conservatives stack up. Let's make Wisconsin a red state.

UPDATE: If you're in Washington County Owen Robinson can hook you up with the local GOP.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Doyle's almost uncovered Dirty Dorm deal

Bruce Murphy has an update on the Doyle Dirty Dorm Deal that the Milwaukee paper says isn't a story. Also, I have added pictures of the construction site, this is the site that doesn't yet have DNR approval.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Menards would have built their building without DNR approval?

Doyle’s Dorm Deal Update (with pics)

Endorsement Count - 2nd Congressional Edition

Dave Magnum is racking up some newspaper endorsements in his race to get rid of the "ineffective" and "far left of center" Tammy Baldwin.

Those aren't my descriptions. They're the Wisconsin State Journal's, who had this to say about Magnum:

Wisconsin voters are getting fed up with politicians who dwell at the political extremes while central issues such as budget deficits and health insurance costs remain unresolved.

...His (Magnum's) centrist views and his ideas for solving the substantive problems confronting the nation, along with his business experience and ability to stand up for south-central Wisconsin, make him the right choice.
The Janesville Gazette has also endorsed him, particularly noting Baldwin's complete lack of accomplishment:

It's time to replace the ineffective Tammy Baldwin in Congress. Voters in the 2nd District should pick Republican Dave Magnum.

...the nonpartisan research firm Knowlegis recently ranked Baldwin 424th out of the 438 House members in effectiveness and influence. A recent update put her at 394. She can't use her minority party status as an excuse because Wisconsin Democrat Dave Obey ranks near the top.
The Lodi Enterprise and Monona Herald took similar tacks in endorsing Magnum, and word on the street is they won't be the last.

So far, only the Capitol Times has endorsed Baldwin. Well, they haven't yet, officially, but there really isn't any doubt.

UPDATE - That was fast. The Beloit Daily News (emphasis added):

We continue to believe there is a very large difference between Madison and Beloit. Baldwin's sharply left-wing views are consistent with Madison's often radical leanings. The Beloit area, however, is considerably less liberal. The community may have a history as a manufacturing city that leans Democratic, but many people are what used to be called “Reagan Democrats” - moderate to liberal on economic issues, conservative on national security and social concerns.

THAT'S WHERE VOTERS will find a big difference between Baldwin and Magnum. The incumbent consistently ranks as one of the most liberal members of Congress, particularly by national security and pro-business measures. Magnum would be a strong representative in those key areas, a voice for keeping America powerful and safe and an advocate of job-creating economic policies.