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Friday, November 03, 2006

Former Bayfield County District Attorney Ruth Kress calls GWC out

The following is a transcript of an email sent to the lying slime merchants at the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund over their false attack ad against JB Van Hollen. I am sure most of you have seen it but not everyone is on the mailing list so I thought I would share it here.

November 2, 2006

Greater Wisconsin Political Fund

Attention: Michelle McGrorty

Madison, WI

In the past week, I have seen the politically focused TV ad concerning the case in Bayfield County involving Stanley Newago. The ad refers to Newago as a sexual predator and although as of December 19, 1999, when J.B. VanHollen became Bayfield County District Attorney, Newago had yet to be convicted of a crime involving sexual assault. It further references a $500 bond, regardless of the State’s initial request.

Obviously, this is an ad for which the inference is to pin blame for the tragic and brutal death of a young girl elsewhere instead of the person who committed the offense, Stanley Newago. The ad does not include any reference to the initial request by the State for a $1,000.00 bond at the time of his October 25, 1999 initial appearance on the charged sexual offense or a reference to the $500 cash ultimately being determined and set by the Court. There was nothing brought to my attention during my tenure that would have formed the basis for a bail modification request after bail was set. Why do you believe and insinuate that bail should have been changed? Did Robert Moore from the Innovative Research Group uncover any facts in his investigation that should have been brought to the attention of the Court while Newago was on bail?

No doubt you are also aware that I was the prosecutor that had previously charged Newago with another sexually violent crime against another young woman in 1998, but believed the State could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt at trial that Newago committed the office and ultimately dismissed the charges. Your agency cites provisions of the statutes that provides for bail to be modified yet you seem to overlook the requirement that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty when you call Newago a “known sexual predator” at a point when he had not yet been convicted.

Newago received life in prison without parole for the homicide, which was achieved by J.B.VanHollen, as well as a conviction of the previously charged sexual assault without trial. You have called your commercial accurate, but I disagree with your conclusion and would call it misleading especially when you base it on limited disclosure of facts.

Ruth D. Kressel

Former Bayfield County District Attorney from January 1993-December 18, 1999

Hmmm another DA who has done something that Kathleen Falk has never done prosecute a violent criminal case says GWC and Falk are lying and distorting facts. Wow the slime merchants at the Greater Wisconsin Committee lying and distorting facts who would have thunk it.

Just another reason to get out the vote and show the lying sliming bastards they cannot win using these methods.

Remember what Wisconsin's Business Climate will look like after 4 years of Falk and Jim Doyle's DNR partnering up to attack Wisconsin Farmers and Businesses.

Do we really want a Madison Tree Hugger as our Top Cop or a real Prosecutor.

Make the right choice on Tuesday and Falk isn't the right choice.

Chris SH2