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Monday, November 06, 2006

The One Thing You Have To Remember For This Election Cycle

In the immortal words of Chuck D of Public Enemy "Don't Believe the hype".

The MSM in Wisconsin and on the National Level keeps saying the conservative base is going to stay home. I don't see it, do any of you? Everyone I talk to seems pumped for tomorrow they have been manning the phones doing the lit drops and what ever else needs to be done for our side.

I think just like in other elections the MSM is going to wake up looking as stupid as they usually look after most elections.

There will not be a Rat Tsunami they may take the house I am still saying they wont it will be close but the GOP holds on to both houses.

Turnout will be the key you will need keep reminding any conservative/republican voter you run into to vote. Think of what we can do if we get our base out, Diamond Jim Doyle's reign of terror will be over and Ms. Falk's reign of terror will never start.

Think of the list of groups we can tell that they cannot buy Wisconsin's poltical process.

Reelect Tom Reynolds and tell the Road Builders to pack sand.

Elect Mark Green and JB Van Hollen and you get to tell the whole Rat power establishment to pack sand.

Tell WEAC, the Trial Lawyers and The Casino Interests that Wisconsin is no longer for sale.

So once again don't believe the hype/bs the MSM has been trying to feed you for the last 6 months in an effort to make you stay home and not vote.

Tomorrow by getting out and voting for GOP you can stick the figurative sharp stick in the eye of the MSM. And if that isn't enough reason to get out and vote the fun you will have listening to the Moonbats howl on Nov 8th after we hold the line will be priceless.

A couple of things from the market that the MSM will ignore since its more proof that the Rat landslide isn't going to happen.

The Dow Jones is up over a 100 points as of this writing and the stocks that should be getting sold off like mad if a Rat Reign of terror was about to start like "Big Oil" are actually up for the last week. The traders seems to be saying they don't see the Rats having as much power as they think they will.

Today and tomorrow are you last chances to get in the fight for this election cycle. You can make a difference

Get you and your family and your friends to the polls help turn back the Rat horde.

Here is to a Battle of Agincourt like victory where our organization and belief in what we are doing will defeat an over confident enemy.

Chris SH2