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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Over Under Propositions.

What are the over/unders on the following political events:

*The days until JB indicts Doyle?
It would seem Doyle deserves this, but this means Lawton becomes Governor and that scares me even more. Are we looking at the Dem equivalent of Tommy Thompson in Doyle?

*Given the Dems get control of the senate what is the over/under in days until the house Dems initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush?

*The over/under in election cycles the Dems retain control of the house? A Corner contributor doesn't see a 30 or 40 year control like the last time he speculates each party will be able to hold on for about 3-4 election cycles. Wouldn't be the worst thing.

*The over/under on the number of days without a story about how Diebold stole the election? See the previous proposition (i.e. the over/under for this item is the same as the election cycles until the GOP wins back the house, or I suppose till the GOP wins its next presidency).