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Friday, November 03, 2006

Van Hollen sues Falk and GWC for Defamation.

"Waukesha, Wisc" Kathleen Falk'‘s desperate campaign and her supporters at the shadowy ”Greater Wisconsin Committee are being sued for defamation for lying about J.B. Van Hollen handling of a 2000 Bayfield murder case"

I hope JB wins this at least it may cause Ms. Falk to see what the inside of a court room looks like ;)

I do find it funny that the MJS can find time to report on the Commando/Great White Father Doctor Kagan is upset about John Gard's new ad calling him out for being a hypocrite when it comes to Medicare patients but they couldn't find any time to post about this lawsuit which I believe was filed this morning in Bayfield and Mr Van Hollen was in Milwaukee today so the MJS could have gotten a statement from him.

Hmmm the moonbat screams that an ad is untrue and the MJS has time for him even time to add an update but when its slimy liberal shadow groups and the Tree Hugging Lefty AG candidate who are being sued for Defamation they pretend it isn't happening.

Just another example why the MJS is a Joke as a newspaper.

Chris SH2