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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Packers snub Wisconsin Hero's

I say we boycot the final game of the season if they don't allow the 440th to fly over Lambeau Field! These are our local hero's! This sucks bad!

JS Online: 440th's plans for grand farewell at Packers games falls through

The 440th Airlift Wing's quest to leave Wisconsin in style - with flyovers at Lambeau Field and Soldier Field next month - has been shot down.

Sleeker, faster jets or bigger cargo planes will perform the pre-game flyovers and not the C-130s the Milwaukee Air Force Reserve unit flew for hundreds of thousands of hours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries during a two-year deployment.

Wing commander Col. Merle Hart said 440th flight crews were excited about performing flyovers Dec. 3 at Lambeau and the final Packers game of the season, Dec. 31 at Soldier Field.

But then a Bears representative called Hart on Friday and told him that "we don't fit their image. I thought, 'Wow.'

"They kind of blew us out of the water. Our attempt was to go out with both flyovers because it's the last time the 440th will be in town. We tried to work it out to see if we could do a halftime show but was told no," Hart said.