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Friday, November 03, 2006

Tom Renyolds was there for us!

As most of the posters and readers here would tell you I am as far from a Tom Reynolds Apologist as you can get and still be a Conservative. Tom and I both sit on opposite sides of the Conservative Big Tent but we are still on the same team.

We cannot sit back and let the Road Builders take Tom Reynolds out. He was there for us and is the only reason we as a grass roots movement were able to kill the automatic gas tax increase. Now the Road Builders want to make an example out of him heaven forbid someone get between a special interest and the public tax payer funded nipple.

The lengths that other side and the Road Builders have went to to try and defeat Senator Reynolds is disgusting they have lied about him and his use of Campaign funds to a point I believe a libel suit is in order for some of his attackers.

In the end it comes down to one thing, when we as conservative voters needed Tom Reynolds vote was he there for us? That answer is an easy one YES, on almost every issue we hold dear Tom Voted the right way.

I do not have a vote in that race but if you live in his district it is important you get the vote out we have to show the Road Builders it is the people who run this state not the special interests.

Think of how upset we will all be when we get Mark Green in office only to have to fight a Rat controlled State Senate. Don't let that happen we need to win this fight on all fronts think of what we can do with all three branches of State government out of the Rat hands.

So remember back to the gas tax vote when we need Tom Reynolds he was there for us lets be there for him on Tuesday.

Chris SH2