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Monday, November 27, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving Reports

How was your Turkey Day weekend? Eat too much? Get indigestion from watching the Cowboys stomp Tampa?

What about Black Friday? Who has their Christmas shopping done? Did you see anyone die crashing into a big tv on sale at Wal-Mart?

For me Thanksgiving weekend went smoothly. I went to my aunt and uncle's home near Green Bay last Thursday. We ate plenty of turkey, drank a little wine, and took an entire pumpkin pie home--that lasted only one day.

After pouring through the ads I didn't find anything to get me out on Black Friday. Instead, I slept late and watched whatever college sporting event was on tv.

Saturday was off to my aunt and uncle who live near New London for another turkey meal. The highlights there were meeting my cousin's girlfriend and tossing beanbags outside because the weather was so nice.

Sunday was football even though the Packers weren't playing. The Patriots beating the Bears made up for my bad fantasy football showings.

My Thanksgiving weekend turned out well. I kicked back with the family and ended up not eating too much.