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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Note to Conservatives that are ready to 'give up'

This is a note to those Conservatives that are ready to give up the fight for the Republican Party. I understand, and share the frustration you all have, I know that it would feel good to cut all ties with a party that has abandoned us, but we must continue to fight for control of this party.

There was a Republican some time back that had the courage and drive to fight for what he believed in, he suffered enough adversity to make a lesser man give up, but he had the guts to keep going.

  • He lost his job, so he ran for the state legislature, and lost.

  • He started a small business, a store, and failed.

  • He tried farming, but the farm also failed.

  • He ran for the Illinois legislature again, and lost.

  • Two years later, he ran again and won. But months later, his fiancee died and he had a nervous breakdown.

  • Two years later, he was reelected, but failed in an effort to become the Speaker.

  • A few years later, he ran for Congress... And lost.

  • He ran for Congress again, served one term, then he was defeated for a second term.

  • He was then defeated in an election for land Officer.

  • Defeated for the U.S. Senate.

  • Defeated as a Vice Presidential nominee.

  • He was then defeated yet again for the U.S. Senate.

With this long string of failures, this Republican could have given up, but he had the fortitude to continue through adversity, and went on to change this great nation. I believe that American Conservatives today, that are ready to give up should look to this mans record of failure, and learn from it. We must never give up what we believe in. We need to learn to press on even though all seems lost, and one day we will be victorious.

The man whose failures that I briefly chronicled above, was none other than Abraham Lincoln. For him, like America's Conservatives, failure is not an option, only a speed bump along the way to success.