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Friday, November 03, 2006

TheWisconsin Voters Chance for a Coffeyville moment

Finally the last Friday before the general election. Counting today only 5 days left until you as a Wisconsin Voter can help end Diamond Jim Doyle's reign of corruption.

If you are a Conservative or a Republican who can vote in Wisconsin you have a chance to tell the most corrupt governor in Wisconsin History Jim Doyle and his win at any costs supporters like Xoff that their run is over.

We can draw a line in the sand and take our state back from WEAC, The Indian Casinos, The Trial Lawyers and the rest of Doyle's supporters who think they can buy our state government.

If we do not get out this Tuesday and defeat Jim Doyle think of the Wisconsin that will be left in 4 years.

As Fred stated earlier this election is going to be all about turnout. The Rats and the MSM think they have demoralized us that we Conservative will sit this one out. Lets show them just like 2000 02 04 they will once again be wrong.

For most of us who do not live in the 8th CD or Tom Reynolds or Kathy Steppe's State Senate districts the two races that we can really make a difference in are the Governors race and the AG race.

We must get every vote we can out for Green and Van Hollen. The choice is simple a Wisconsin that moves forward or a Wisconsin that keeps sliding down the corruption slope under Jim Doyle. Imagine what 4 years of Doyle/Falk would do to the business climate in Wisconsin. How many thousands of jobs would that combo drive out of Wisconsin?

Get out the word this weekend we need to get every honest vote we can to counter the Rat cheating and voter fraud we know is going to go on in Dane and Milwaukee counties. Push Pull or Drag every conservative voter you can find to the polls on Tuesday. Keep talking to your Friends Family members and Neighbors

Tuesday's election can be the Wisconsin's Voters Coffeyville Moment. On October 5, 1892 the good honest average people of Coffeyville Kansas decided they were not going to allow the Dalton gang to come into their town and rob their banks they stood up to the Dalton gang and in a running gun battle defeated the Dalton gang killing most of the members of the outlaw band.

We the good honest average voters of Wisconsin can stand up to the Doyle gang and tell them we will not allow them to rob us anymore. Its time to tell them we have had enough.

If your one of the Conservatives out there still thinking of sitting this one out stop and think of what might happen if stay home and allow the Rats to hold on to the Governors Mansion and the AG office. Now isn't the time to pretend your Swiss if your a Conservative voter its time to "Get into the Fight"

Lets have our Coffeyville moment on November 7th.

Chris SH2