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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Spotted Horse voting report

I voted earlier today but I took my younger brother over to vote(his first time voting and he voted in the GOP camp) He had to register so I had time to chat with the poll workers. They said that ward had already beat their vote total for 04. My brother voted at 7pm he was number 1200 in our ward. There was a steady flow of people coming into vote even with only one hour left vote.

I would think these high numbers in Waukesha county bode well for Green and Van Hollen et al. I would be surprised if my ward didn't break 1300 before the night was over. With Waukesha being as Red as it is I am guessing 60-70% will break for the GOP.

I think it maybe a long but fruitful night.

If you voted thank you

I did vote for Dave Casper twice by the way ;)

Chris SH2