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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Doyle: Boycotting Seinfeld Because of Richards

Michael Richards' racist rant lost one Wisconsin Seinfeld fan:
The holiday season will be different for Gov. Jim Doyle this year, because he won't be celebrating Festivus any more.

Festivus is an "airing of grievances" holiday created by character Frank Constanza on the long-running sitcom Seinfeld - a show that Doyle used to avidly watch.

Not any more, Doyle said. Recently, Seinfeld star Michael Richards, who played "Kramer," landed in hot water when he launched racial epithets at audience members during a stand-up show. Since then, Doyle said he hasn't watched an episode, and he doesn't plan to any time soon. And he won't be celebrating Festivus this year because of Richards.

"It will be a long time before I watch one again," Doyle said. "It was totally outrageous and for a total Seinfeld fan, I'm deflated by it. I'm not going to watch a show with a guy who's so openly racist. I'm not celebrating Festivus this year, I'm afraid, because of Michael Richards."

Huh? Kramer wasn't racist in any episode of Seinfeld. And isn't a boycott pretty harsh on the other chracters? Why should they be punished because of Richards' flapping lips?

Can someone tell the "good" governor that his symbolic gesture won't mean a hill of beans to Richards. You know the guy's career wasn't so hot if was doing stand up comedy. Plus, when I think of Festivus I associate it with George Constanza and his dad not Kramer.