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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Get On The Phone

Help Mark Green, JB Van Hollen, John Gard, and the rest of the state Republicans by calling supporters and asking them to vote. The Republican National Committee has made it easy to get names and numbers. Just sign up here. This effort is also a contest. The BBA will get credit for each voter called by you.

Turnout will make or break this election. Calling voters will help so much. If you have only 10 minutes to spare great. That's 10 voters reminded to vote for Mark Green so Wisconsin doesn't have to endure another four years of Jim Doyle's corruption and high taxes. That's 10 voters reminded to vote for JB Van Hollen so we have an Attorney General who focuses on fighting crime. That's 10 voters for John Gard so a numbskull doctor doesn't go to Congress.

Next time I'll actually look at what I'm endorsing before I endorse it. When I signed up I got a list of Missouri voters. The RNC thinks that the Talent-McCaskill race is more important than the Doyle-Green race. Too bad. Still, keeping the Senate in GOP hands is important. I still encourage you to make some calls. Sign up. But I really encourage you to contact your local GOP headquarters to help Wisconsin candidates.

All the "cool kids" are doing it. Let's see how Wisconsin conservatives stack up. Let's make Wisconsin a red state.

UPDATE: If you're in Washington County Owen Robinson can hook you up with the local GOP.