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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Let the bidding begin

The MKE Online Blog of the Week contest pits several friends against each other this week.

Andy's blog, Citizens For a Safe Wisconsin runs as part of the group with the same name, they focus on an issue that I am a strong supporter of, protecting Wisconsin's families from Sexual Predators.

Peter's Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger is one of the finest blogs on Wisconsin current events from a Conservative point of view, that we have.

Ally, who runs From Metro-Belle to Marine has always run entertaining blogs, she now focuses on her move to join the Marine Corps. But her biggest claim to fame is that she beat Nick in an arm wrestling match at the last Drinking Right. (wish I would have brought my video camera that night, Nick would pay a bundle to keep that video off of YouTube.)

Aaron, from Subject to Change is acknowledged as the Clown Prince of the Cheddarsphere (well, one of them anyway), as well as the creator of the always anticipated, entertaining and even sometimes news-making GPL Podcast.

So instead of making a decision of who to vote for, I have decided to auction off my vote. Before you make your bid, remember that I have access to 40 gigabytes of email accounts, so that is literally thousands of votes that could potentially go your way... Let the bidding begin.