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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smoking Ban In Appleton.

The smoking ban in Appleton was on the ballot again. This time the bar owners scaled back the request repeal the ban to taverns only. So, if you wanted to go to Victorias or Fusion the repeal would not have allowed either one of those establishments to permit smoking.

Some people apparently did not get that:
Yet ANOTHER resounding message from the electorate that we don't want bars, supper clubs, restaurants and pubic [sic] buildings [emphasis added] contaminated by noxious cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke.
Source: Fox Politics Reader Contribution by Bobbie Murray, Appleton.

Bobbie, "supper clubs, restaurants, and public buildings" were not part of the ban rollback. It applied to taverns only. It is my estimation (FYI, I know Bobbie) you don't visit taverns. Ban pushers promised tavern business would increase after the ban, but guess what? It dropped and isn't coming back. Part of it is, I am sure, some are going to Grand Chute, Little Chute etc, but I am quite sure most people are staying at home where they can smoke in peace.

Anduzzis opened up not too long ago. It is located on College Avenue downtown Appleton. They built the place with two floors and a beefing ventilation system. The idea was to bar (pun not intended, but I am keeping it) smoking on the first floor, but allowing it on the second floor. In fact, a couple of bar owners have stated they would not allow smoking in their establishments if the ban were rolled back. More power to them!

If the bar owners want to fight against the smoking ban let them, in the world they envision Appleton supper clubs & restaurants will continue to be smoke-free.