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Friday, November 03, 2006

If you're stupid, don't vote!

I just loved this op-ed by new-to-me blogger Dan Kenitz. The gist: voting is a serious responsibility, so be responsible enough to know if you're too stupid to vote.

A couple of my favorite points:

If you think "Barack Obama bin Laden" is the country's greatest threat since "Albert Hitler," congratulations on graduating from the U.S. public education system. But don't vote.

If your primary motivation for voting is that someone offered you a pack of cigarettes if you vote for Candidate X, you're an honorary Democrat. Don't vote.

If you get emotionally upset because a columnist called you stupid, don't vote. You're easily excitable and shouldn't have any say over who gets access to The Button.
And finally:

...if you really use this list to figure out whether or not you should vote, you're stupid. Don't vote.
Dan runs a blog called that I never heard of before, but now I have. And so have you.

UPDATE - Charlie apparently read this column on the air today. I missed that.

And while I thought it was just pure funny, Folkbum didn't, thereby proving that liberals have no sense of humor.

UPDATE II - Dan posted some of the responses to his own column. The permalink isn't working (Hey Dan! Permalink's not working!), so just click over and look for the post titled "Two Sides to Every Schwartz," whatever that means.