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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Endorsement Count - 2nd Congressional Edition

Dave Magnum is racking up some newspaper endorsements in his race to get rid of the "ineffective" and "far left of center" Tammy Baldwin.

Those aren't my descriptions. They're the Wisconsin State Journal's, who had this to say about Magnum:

Wisconsin voters are getting fed up with politicians who dwell at the political extremes while central issues such as budget deficits and health insurance costs remain unresolved.

...His (Magnum's) centrist views and his ideas for solving the substantive problems confronting the nation, along with his business experience and ability to stand up for south-central Wisconsin, make him the right choice.
The Janesville Gazette has also endorsed him, particularly noting Baldwin's complete lack of accomplishment:

It's time to replace the ineffective Tammy Baldwin in Congress. Voters in the 2nd District should pick Republican Dave Magnum.

...the nonpartisan research firm Knowlegis recently ranked Baldwin 424th out of the 438 House members in effectiveness and influence. A recent update put her at 394. She can't use her minority party status as an excuse because Wisconsin Democrat Dave Obey ranks near the top.
The Lodi Enterprise and Monona Herald took similar tacks in endorsing Magnum, and word on the street is they won't be the last.

So far, only the Capitol Times has endorsed Baldwin. Well, they haven't yet, officially, but there really isn't any doubt.

UPDATE - That was fast. The Beloit Daily News (emphasis added):

We continue to believe there is a very large difference between Madison and Beloit. Baldwin's sharply left-wing views are consistent with Madison's often radical leanings. The Beloit area, however, is considerably less liberal. The community may have a history as a manufacturing city that leans Democratic, but many people are what used to be called “Reagan Democrats” - moderate to liberal on economic issues, conservative on national security and social concerns.

THAT'S WHERE VOTERS will find a big difference between Baldwin and Magnum. The incumbent consistently ranks as one of the most liberal members of Congress, particularly by national security and pro-business measures. Magnum would be a strong representative in those key areas, a voice for keeping America powerful and safe and an advocate of job-creating economic policies.