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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Final Nail in the Credibility Coffin for the MJS

I thought the MJS had hit rock bottom when the chose Diamond Jim as the man to fight crime in Wisconsin. But not so fast the MJS hits bottom and starts digging with this editorial that makes The Most Crooked Governor in the History of Wisconsin Diamond Jim Doyle is their man when it comes to Ethics

I will keep saying it "No wonder their stock chart looks like a ski slope."

Please get out the Vote just so we can show these fools how little they matter anymore.

It does make you wonder what a Rat Politico would actually have to do before the MJS would walk away from them?

Doyle is a on the take they have no problem with that.

Falk is lying and slandering JB Van Hollen and MJS looks the other way.

Where is the investigative reporting on who and what makes up the bottom feeders at the Greater Wisconsin Committee they wouldn't want to do that story because GWC is for the Rats slime and all.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a real Newspaper like the NY Sun in Wisconsin.

Chris SH2