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Friday, November 10, 2006

Re: Post election open thread question

Lautenschlagger beats JB. Peg, with all of her baggage still has real prosecutorial experience. Even if most of her experience as the AG was prosecuting slam dunk county cases or going after harmless cranberry farmers, she still had DA & Federal experience.

What hurt Peg was the antagonism between her and The Guv. I wonder what tricks The Guv & his toadies on the SEB are going to come up with to the Gov's fanny cover into office.

Doyle made a serious misstep here. Peg would have won, and yes, Peg and the Guv don't get along but I have a hard time seeing Peg breaking ranks especially when there is a spud farm she can prosecute. Now, as the left is fond of saying, there is a real check & balance on The Guv.

Now, onto Paul Noonan's comments.

Nationally, the anti-online-gambling bill and the use of the word "Macaca" almost certainly cost:

Huh? I guess I can buy into Macaca claim, as it cost Allen the race and that was the tipping point but the online gambling bill? The Macaca comment was certainly hammered on by the opposition press. Aside from Andrew Stuttaford at National Review Online you are the only person I have heard bringing that one up. I am quite skeptical it cost the senate.