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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Aliens replace MJS Ed board

With their counter parts from Bizzaro World Universe.

That has to be the answer to the this question.

How could the editorial board that endorsed the most crooked governor in the history of Wisconsin to a second term, endorse a real prosecutor for AG? Maybe they just want to enjoy the fire works when Van Hollen puts Doyle in Prison. They forget JB can do that after Mark Green has defeated Diamond Jim.

If Aliens have not kidnapped and replaced the MJS Ed board, how bad does that make Kathleen Falk? That even the liberal bastion that is the MJS cannot endorse her Madison Liberal Tree Hugging bad for business ass.

Remember this is a woman who is only 1-1 in Rat state wide primaries, so half the time she cannot even get crazy ass rat voters to vote for her ;)

Make the right choice on Tuesday and Falk isn't the right choice.

Chris SH2