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Thursday, November 16, 2006

RE: Tommy Thompson

Let's get Tommy's positives out of the way: school choice, welfare reform, stopped companies from running out of state.

Now for the negatives:

  1. Did taxes really go down under Tommy? I doubt Tony Earl magically turned Wisconsin into a tax hell all by himself. Was it the case of Tommy merely "slowing the growth?"

  2. Tommy liked to build roads. Here, there, and everywhere. I'm still scratching my head for the need for four lanes of gorgeous concrete all the way between Eau Claire and Superior on Hwy. 53.

  3. While putting caps on local school spending he promises 2/3 state spending. Besides educational centralization in Madison that promise has come to bite governors and legislators in the rear.

  4. Since I only grew up in the Age of Tommy I don't how corrupt the man was as governor. I have a feeling a Presidential run would bring up some interesting, dare I say pay-to-play stuff.

  5. If Tommy thinks he's going to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world with his "medical diplomacy" it proves he took too much Cipro.

  6. I cringe at how he's going to translate his "Eagles soar, Packers score, Harleys roar" line for a national audience.