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Monday, October 31, 2005

Judge Alito & Stupid Liberal Arguments 101

President Bush has quite possibly made the best decision of his presidency in nominating Judge Sam Alito to replace Sandy "balancing test" O'Connor. From what I can tell, he is a superior pick even to now Chief Justice Roberts. His experience as a prosecutor, appellate advocate, Judge for the 3rd Circuit, and well-formed correct judicial philosophy make him an outstanding nominee. No one can question his legal accomplishments, credentials, or mind. This is, in short, a phenomenal nomination by President Bush. Having flinched once, Bush swung for the fences and has hit a home run.

I have been quite pleased as well to see the knee-jerk liberal responses to this nomination. If the People for the Communist, err, American Way, Planned "we get almost 1/2 our revenue from killing babies" Parenthood, NOW, and the Alliance for Justice all oppose a nomination within the first hours of its announcement, it must be a good one!

Something must be said, however, in response to the extrememly poor arguments that have been offered by liberals thus far. So, let's do a little due diligence here and rationally evaluate the liberal and MSM poo-poo on Alito.

Once again, abortion continues to be the big issue everyone wants to talk about. Much is being made of Alito's opinion in 1991 that said Pennsylvania could pass a law requiring wives to notify their husbands before obtaining an abortion. The question, of course, is whether this was a good judicial opinion, not whether it was good policy. Judge Alito's careful and cautious dissent on this point (which was merely 1 vote away from being accepted by the high court) can be found here. I would have a hard time seeing anyone describe Alito as a pro-life nutcase in reading this opinion. It is well reasoned, carefully argued, and probably correctly decided. Moreover, Alito has also been on the other side of the issue. In 2000, Alito said that New Jersey could not ban late-term abortions without a health exception in the law. Thus, even though the health exception is rather stupid and a product of good old Justice O'Connor, Alito did the correct thing. He followed precedent as he is required to do as a Court of Appeals Judge and struck down the law. Thus, while much is made of his 1991 dissent, it is presented as a policy position, not the careful and fair judicial opinion it was.

Okay, now for the really stupid arguments.

Senator John Kerry: "Every American should be deeply concerned that the far right wing, which prevented Harriet Miers from even receiving a Senate hearing, is celebrating Judge Alito's nomination and urging the Senate to rubber stamp the swing vote on our rights and liberties."

Okay Senator Kerry. First of all, Democrats didn't like Harriet Miers either. Your Democratic Leader Harry Reid recommender her to Bush and then refused to endorse her. Democrats were as unimpressed as Republicans, so don't try to portray Ms. Miers as the victim of the "far right wing." Second, what makes you think it was the "far right wing" that opposed the Miers nomination? It was conservative intellectuals, and particularly conservative lawyers that derailed the nomination. Many of these were libertarians and others not very impressed with Bush on many issues, but who care about the Constitution and are jurisprudential conservatives. But I suppose "far right wing" is one of those talking points you like to throw out there a lot since you don't actually have any arguments to offer. Third, who asked you to rubber stamp Alito? We're just asking for a vote. If you don't like him, and I'm sure you won't, don't vote for him. I don't care.

You should also notice that Senator Kerry accuses conservatives of denying Miers a hearing. This is from that new liberal talking point. For a greater exposition of this, we turn to the unbiased reporting of the New York Times. In an attempt to unquestionably repeat liberal propoganda and disguise it as journalism, the Times "reports": "Conservatives' willingness to scuttle Ms. Miers's nomination without so much as a hearing cast doubt on their longstanding insistence that all judicial nominees should be entitled to an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor without the threat of a filibuster, and some Democratic nose-counters suggested that a filibuster to block Judge Alito was very much on the table."

What a crock! No one was calling for a filibuster of Miers. How does arguing that a nominee is not qualified and thus should withdraw equate to hypocrisy that all nominees should have a vote without threat of filibuster? If she hadn't withdrawn, many of us would have urged our Senators to vote against her, not filibuster her. She was not denied a hearing at all. She had her day in the limelight and was not up to the task. I'm sorry, but that argument is just plain stupid.

Next up, Chuck Schumer: "Now, it's sad that the president felt he had to pick a nominee likely to divide America instead of choosing a nominee in the mold of Sandra Day O'Connor who would unify us."

Ohhh, I forgot that unification of America was one of Chuck Schumer's major goals. He has indeed worked hard to bring Americans of all political stripes together. On a separate note Chuck, isn't the job of a Supreme Court Justice to interpret the laws of the United States and our Constitution, not serve as some political unifying force?

More from Schumer: "But the initial review of Judge Alito's record shows that there's a real chance that he will, like Justice Scalia, choose to make law rather than interpret law and move the court in a direction quite different than it has gone."

Looks like liberals have coopted conservative arguments about judicial activism. It's funny, however, when people who have a litmus test on Roe v. Wade, which has nothing to do with the Constitution, get upset with making rather than interpreting law. It's tough to take this real seriously. Notice the implicit but frequently mentioned Democratic talking point that we need to keep the balance on the Court. But why? Were Democrats really that upset in 1993 when Bill Clinton nominated avowed liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg to replace judicial conservative Byron White, thus shifting the Court to the left? Of course not. This "balance argument" seems completely disingenuous. Bush campaigned in part on nominating judges like Scalia and Thomas. He won the election. Memo to liberals-you lost, get over it.

Finally, for the many Braveheart fans out there. Check this out from Bench Memos:

Hamish/Conservatives: Where are you going?
William Wallace/George W. Bush: I'm going to pick a fight.
Hamish/Conservatives: Well, we didn't get dressed up for nothing.

US History, Government School Style

Do you dare to know what our kiddies are learning in eighth grade US History since school started two months ago here in Hudson? If you figure lessons have been learned about Jamestown, The Mayflower, or The French-Indian War chances are you would be correct, but you are wrong! The kiddies have been learning geography [the shapes of states and their capitals], Indians, and now have made the giant leap over several hundred years of American History to immigration. Now its been learned that a film was shown recently in which one of the themes was that people need to respect gay people. How is that for a quality education in US History?

What happened to History?

Avian Flu Preemption: My Tax Dollars at Work

If the big epidemic hits, we'll be safe in Wisconsin. Probably.

Wis. Assembly Speaker John Gard is putting together a bi-partisan task force to help Badgers be prepared in case of an Avian flu outbreak, which has been estimated to have the ability to kill hundreds of thousands globally. From Gard's press release today:

“Wisconsin’s experiences with Chronic Wasting Disease and the West Nile Virus may be helpful in being prepared for the Avian Bird Flu,” Gard said, “This disease has the potential to severely impact all of us including farmers and hunters. We want to ensure that we have a multi-faceted approach to prevention and preparedness.”

The Avian Influenza virus is responsible for the death of millions of birds and about 60 people across Asia. While the disease is extremely rare in humans, medical experts worry that the virus may mutate and spread person-to-person. Gard said the findings of the task force will better prepare Wisconsin in preventing a potential outbreak of the Avian Bird flu.

“We need to look at all of our options from prevention to containment,” Gard said, “We certainly don’t want to look back in a couple years and wish we had done more in regard to Avian Bird Flu.”

They'll have to move at the rate of science, not politics, if they want to accomplish these goals, however.

The plus side is that they have the resources at UW Madison to make some progress, and many solutions may be considered in prior research that - if the Assembly taps into Madison brains - can be implemented fairly quickly.


Bush nominates Samuel Alito to SCOTUS

At first blush I am very happy with this nomination. He has a Conservative track record and Harry Ried is already upset about this nomination.

Now is the time for all of us who fought to Ms. Mier to get ready to go over the top for this Nomination. We must fight as hard to get Judge Alito confirmed as we did to stop Ms. Miers.

The fight over the court that many of us felt need to be fought is now upon us.

So lets not shrink from this fight. We know how the left is going to react to this I am sure the smear campaign is already underway.

Lets get this done this seat is one of the main reasons we have fought so hard some of you for over 30 years. For those of you who were Miers supporters I ask you to admit Justice Alito is an even better choice and to close ranks and join us in getting him confirmed.

This is one of those moments in history where a country can change direction. We must make sure it is the right direction.

Now is the time to go on the offensive take the fight to the left. Lets show the nation who these people really are.

This is a "Big Push" worth fighting and I will be proud to go over the top for this nomination.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Con. Moore Sends Your Money to the Bottom of the Sea

This was bottom dweller pork:

Today Congresswoman Gwen Moore announced that she has secured $562,519 in federal funding in the Agriculture Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2006 Conference Report (H.R. 2744) for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Great Lakes Aquaculture Center. The funds will be used for the expansion of the Center, which is operated in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and for the research and development of aquaculture technologies and techniques that will increase the production of the area's seafood industry.

Doesn't this sound a bit fishy? Couldn't this have been done by the seafood industry? Spending tax money is all about priorities. Do you think it is more important to feed money to the fish in Milwaukee or help Louisianan rebuild its critical infrastructure? You really can't have it all and have lower taxes. Just take a look at what else Moore had to swallow to get this one thing into the bill.


When it comes to writing a catchy lead that has little or nothing to do with the topic at hand, just to get readers interested, I'm hardly innocent.

But...these two lead paragraphs from this Laurel Walker column:

An inauguration, a 50th birthday and Halloween. Next Monday, County Executive-elect Dan Vrakas celebrates all three.

A perfect storm?


Cosmo Notes the Appleton Cat In France.

Cosmo writes


Missing U.S. cat found in France.

Check him for oil-for-food money, I say.

Posted at 09:35 AM

A followup

NEWSFLASH [John J. Miller]
This just coming across A.P.: "French Surrender to Lost Cat..."
Posted at 09:47 AM

For those of you not up on the various inside jokes at The Corner Cosmo is Jonah Goldberg's dog and like most dogs and his owner he is not particularly fond of cats.

Just in case you are not aware of this story, in Appleton a family's cat went missing. About one month later it shows up in a laminating plant in Nancee France. It had vaccination tags on it and the people in Nancee were able to track the cat back to Appleton. Apparently the cat went into an open container full of paper and got locked in and shipped to France.

I would hazard to guess most cat owners & felinophiles have experienced a (wide no doubt) variation on that theme, I have.

Carnival of the Badger #11

Go now. And turn up the volume on your speakers.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Racine Unified Schools Blind on Taxes.

Racine Unified Schools are expending great energy blowing their own horn over the lowest tax rate in years at $6.76, down from $7.62 last year.

A basic tax lesson for those who do not understand that while they are trying to make this sound like a tax decrease, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The tax levy is the important issue, divide that by the assessed property value, and you get the rate. My property is assessed higher by some $26,000 this year. Comparing the new rate will still mean an 8% increase in the amount of tax I owe for RUSD this year. Yes, the lower rate will result in an 8% increase.

So much for RUSD's claim that the 2nd referendum they passed just kept spending at the same rate. Now someone, anyone, please explain to me how this is a decrease.

RUSD should cut out the bad, PR and speak the truth for a change. while many people in Racine, are products of Racine schools, some of us went to school elsewhere and are smart enough to figure this shell game out.

Tax revolt is rampant in this state, apparently Dr. Hicks and the rest of the Racine Unified School Board have their heads in the sand.

There is also a proposal on the table to move from the yearly referenda and go to a 20 year, $70 million increase so they will not have to go through this process every year. Maybe that will finally be the breaking point for Racine taxpayers. I am past mine.

Blog Roots

The Commisar is putting together an interesting blog family tree. I don't see any Badgers on it but me. You can post a comment with the blog that was the primary inspiration for your blog, your blog, and the rough date you started blogging.

Miers Withdraws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As GB Fan reports below, Miers today withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. And I'm thrilled. I don't particularly buy the stated reason for the withdrawal-protection of executive privielege. We all know that conservatives derailed this nomination, and rightly so. Now we can look forward to a new nominee who should unite the base. The President surely got the message that there are a great many of us who deeply care of the state of the judiciary, and are more committed to principled and brilliant jurists than we are to our beloved Republican President.

In reflecting on these amazing last few weeks, I can't help but be proud of my fellow conservatives. Despite intense pressure from the administration, the Republican Party, and with almost zero help from Congressional Republicans, conservatives stood on principle. So for all those who think conservatives are just knee-jerk party loyalists who spout the party line, you are wrong. We believe in ideas, and we are willing to buck our party and our party's leadership when the stakes are big.

Now we have a new nomination to consider. I hope President Bush nominates a clear conservative with a strong judicial philosophy and a brilliant legal mind. My first choice is Michael McConnel from the 10th Circuit, but we'll see. Either way, I'm fairly confident that this next nomination will be a fight. So, as they say, Let's Roll!

Wisconsin perv of the week

Last week's polaroid story out of Milwaukee was truly bizarre. This week's Wisconsin pervert story is merely strange:
Fond du Lac man is jailed after he was caught climbing up a TV antenna on the outside of a two-story house in North Fond du Lac. Police in North Fond du Lac say he may have been trying to take pictures of a woman inside the house.

The 57-year-old man was caught around 6 o'clock Monday morning. Police said the man told them he liked trains and was taking pictures of trains from atop the TV antenna. Police said his story just did not add up, given that the tracks are at least a football field's distance away.
Umm, wrong caboose to photograph. And the PSA for this story is that if you see someone climbing a TV antenna with a camera, nothing good can come of it.

This is also a time for Conservatives to close ranks

Ok the minicivil war is over and I don't think it will become a big civil war. If you were part of the Conservative family who thought Harriet Miers was an good too ok selection hopefully you will be even happier if President Bush nominates a more Conservative person to fill Justice OConners seat.

We who fought Ms. Miers must put it behind us that part of the fight is over. If we get the type of person we wanted since before this process began we need to be ready to fight.

Now that our little War of the Roses is over lets all remember who the real enemy are. We must unite as a party and get this next person through the nomination process

I will be honest I am geeked up now reenergized and more ready then ever to scrap with the left. So lets come together as a party and get this done.


CP at SpottedHorse

Miers Withdraws

ABC is reporting White House statement that Harriet Miers has withdrawn her name from consideration for the SCOTUS.

I for one think this a great victory for the Conservative movement.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cheese Traps?

It figures: It's always the beer, brats and cheese curds that get us.

Prison guards found themselves over-run - when two badgers dug their way into jail.

One warder was left with a gaping hand wound after being bitten, according to a report in the Sun. And his colleague fled to safety after the creatures tunnelled in under a perimeter fence.

Managers at Category C Erlestoke Prison in Wiltshire had been powerless to get rid of them because badger setts are protected by law.

The badgers were free to wander the grounds for months after breaking in earlier this year. But after the attack on the guard, prison chiefs called in the experts - the department for food and rural affairs.

Via Colossus.

Even the Blind Mice can see its a tax

The Blind Mice that make up the MJS Editorial Board can even see that Oconomowoc it trying to put a new "TAX" in place to pay for needed road repair. GB would like to welcome the MJS ED board to the right side of an issue for once.

Its a little troubling to be on the same side with the ED board, but "the enemy of my enemy" right

The fact they are against this shows how bad an idea it is.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wisconsin Democrats spread misinformation on the morning after pill

The Oshkosh Northwestern reports how Madison liberals held a public forum to put pressure on the Wisconsin State Assembly to pass a bill requiring hospitals to provide information and dispense "emergency contraception" to rape victims.

Whether abortion is ever justified following rape is beside the point. I am particularly concerned here with the blatant campaign of misinformation. A doctor quoted in the article states, "It’s up to all of us to explain to the population that this is a safe treatment, that it is not an abortion." Even the name "emergency contraception" implies that this is different than abortion.

The morning after pill has two functions. First, it works to prevent ovulation. This particular function is not abortive. But if an egg has already been released and fertilized, the morning after pill will prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus. When an egg has been fertilized, a woman is pregnant per the medical definition of pregnancy. When an embryo is expelled prior to viability, an abortion has occurred. Ending a pregnancy/expelling an embryo is an abortion per the medical definition of abortion. Thus, let's just dispense with this nonsense that the morning after pill is not an abortifacient. It clearly is. If we're going to debate this on the merits, let's at least be honest and get our facts straight.


That this story is not being blasted about the right wing Wisconsin blogosphere, or is my RSS reader not working?

Chuck Chvala pleads guilty to 2 felonies.

Need Posts Now!

I'm hosting this week's Carnival of the Badger. Send me your posts or I'll have a very small carnival. They're due by Wednesday at 8 pm. E-mail them to sean--at--theamericanmind--dot--com or use this carnival submission form.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Walker announces Vote reform package

Milwaukee County Executive and Candidate for Governor Scott Walker has just announced his platform to reform the voting process. He is calling it get REAL.

  • Require photo ID to vote and require training for election officials
  • End same day voter registration
  • Absentee voters must have a reason to vote absentee
  • Legitimate use of voter registration drives. (eliminate pay per signature)

Any good political idea needs a spiffy acronym.

My question is this, why should we have to wait for all these common sense reforms that poll after poll tell us the people want? Oh yeah. Jim "Noid" Doyle does not give two hoots for what the people want. Keep it up Noid. Keep taking common sense popular legislation and applying your veto pen. I would suggest however you take a page out of the Ament book and up your pension before you are removed from office.

I hear Adleman travel has a nifty frequent flyer program, you should have plenty of time to travel.

Paul Bucher in Appleton.

Originally uploaded by maurelius.
Paul Bucher was in Appleton tonight to meet with a small crowd. I was impressed with Mr. Bucher.

I have not yet made a pick in this race but I am confident Mr. Bucher will easily outperform Peg Lautenschlagger.

Anybody else catch this gem?

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today:

Butterfield in Reuterville

From a Reuters dispatch on U.S. crime statistics:

The U.S. prison population continued to grow last year even though reports of violent crime during 2004 were at the lowest level since the government began compiling statistics 32 years ago, according to a government report released in September.

The other night, we realized that our degree of drunkenness was continuing to grow even though the liquor in the bottle was at the lowest level since we opened it. Life is full of paradoxes, isn't it?



Over at Blogger Beer I posted a blog that linked to a story that was mentioned on Drudge. I trackbacked and I am on par for 100+ visits before noon. If things keep up it is conceivable I will have a 4 digit visitor day.

Now, I know it will subside but it gets more eyes looking at my blog and the chance of picking up regulars and some ad revenue.

A Drudge-flood spillover!

10/25/2005 6:43 am. The Drudge spillover continues. I finished with a unique visit count of about 520 or so. I ended up getting a number of comments (all hostile) with one a litany of tired leftist talking points about Iraq that ends with an accusation of me believing the right wing talking points. Ah the irony. Drudge still has that story up so I expect another day of this, especially with the story about the VP.

Dennis York on the Packers

In what could well be the most uncomfortable return to the Cheddarsphere ever, (even if it's only temporary), Dennis York knows what it's like to be punched in the groin by a midget.

That's "uncomfortable," as in just a little too much information, Dennis.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Canadian Health Care

I've spent my last two columns on universal health care. Specifically, two actual bills in the Legislature, each of which, the authors claim, will give us universal health care.

I'm just so tired of the whole topic. Haven't we won this one yet? I could barely muster enough interest yesterday to stop making fun for a few paragraphs so I could actually refute things.

So, naturally, today I come across this (found it on Townhall): On the Fence Films, which has produced a short film about the Canadian health care system.

A lot of good stuff there. For example:

Officially, Canada spends less on health care than the U.S. However, costs are controlled by arbitrarily limiting the number and availability of doctors, specialists, operating room hours, high-tech equipment, diagnostic tests, drugs and expensive treatments. In short, the government limits the supply of health care in order to hold costs down. The result: shortages, rationing, and long wait lists.

You can download and watch the whole film there, which I haven't yet, simply because the Badgers are on.

Is That Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Strange?

This guy needed a hobby, and I don't mean photography:

WEST BEND, Wis. (AP) - A 40-year-old man faces charges accusing him of placing photographs of his genitalia on the cars of women who parked at shopping centers.

The criminal complaint filed Thursday against Jeffrey J. Hein of Hartford said he told investigators he placed the photos on their cars because he thought they "would find it funny."

That would be the funny strange part. The funny ha-ha part is that this wasn't his first choice of what to do with his pictures.

The criminal complaint said Hein told investigators he was inspired by apornographic Web site to photograph his private parts and then sell the pictures to the Web site.

But, when he was unable to do that, he "came up with the idea to play a joke on strangers" by putting the photographs in envelopes and attaching them to cars belonging to women, whom he picked at random whenever he went shopping, the complaint said.

Hein will have plenty of time to find a new hobby - he faces five years in the pokie.



HT: Little Green Footballs.

LGF reports on parties being organized to celebrate the death of 2000th soldier in Iraq. Maybe in a location near you. Appleton, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, and Shorewood are hosting these ghoulish affairs. Here is a comprehensive listing of all such parties.


  1. 11:58 am 10/22/2005
  2. I should say "People in Appleton, Madison,...." as the cities are not hosting these parties. Mea culpa.

Friday, October 21, 2005

New WI 2006 Poll Numbers

Had this send over to me by a friend who subscribes to the National Journal's Hotline today during my lunch hour; a new poll on the 2006 Wisconsin Governor's race is out from Strategic Vision LCC.

Plenty of things to dissect, I've already posted my thoughts earlier today at my blog, and I see the GOP3 boys have as well.

Key questions of interest are 9, 10, 11, 12, and 23.

9. Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Jim Doyle's job performance?
Approve 48%
Disapprove 40%
Undecided 12%

10. If the Republican primary were today, whom would you vote for? (Republicans only)
Mark Green 42%
Scott Walker 37%
Undecided 21%

11. If the election for Governor were held today, and the choice was between Jim Doyle, the Democrat and Mark Green, the Republican, whom would you vote for?
Jim Doyle 47%
Mark Green 43%
Undecided 10%

12. If the election for Governor were held today, and the choice was between Jim Doyle, the Democrat and Scott Walker, the Republican, whom would you vote for?
Jim Doyle 47%
Scott Walker 39%
Undecided 14%

23. Do you think Wisconsin headed in the right direction or wrong direction?
Right 32%
Wrong 58%
Undecided 10%


Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Kidnapped and Murdered, New York Times uses the T-word

The New York Times International reports that one of the lawyers for a Saddam Co-Defendent was kidnapped and murdered late Thursday.

"Mr. Janabi had been dragged from his office by men who identified themselves as Interior Ministry employees. He was taken into a car, and about an hour later, found dead. The news agency said armed men had entered the Mr. Janabi's office Thursday evening, about two hours after the breaking of the daytime fast that marks the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."

This is a tragic turn of events, no doubt, even when considering the horrible crimes Saddam and his henchmen have committed. What I find interesting however is the fact that the New York Times, a bastion of liberalism commits a taboo later in the story by using the "t-word" or terrorist as opposed to the more anti-war synonym, insurgent. They are summing up recent events and drop the t-word when describing two kills by Marines in Iraq.

"Marines killed two terrorists and detained four others suspected of involvement in the attack after the bombing, the.[their typo] government said."

Wow! Heads will roll! The typo (a period after "the") is nothing compared to a liberal paper like the Times implying that those killed by Marines were actually terrorists as opposed to "insurgents" "defending" themselves from the "evil US occupiers".

Cross-posted at Triumvirate.


While driving to the office this morning, I heard Nichole Devin of the new WISN Morning Spin (the leftie woman as Belling calls her) spouting off about Navy sonar and how it has a negative effect on migration patterns of whales and dolphins, etc. She said, Where is it written the humans are more important than any other creatures on the rest of the planet..

I would submit the following. Genesis 1:26 - And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

So it is written, so it shall be done.

Tarnished Wisconsin

Marcus got to this one before I did. Post moved to Jiblog.

Aye-Aye Captain Ed.

Captain Ed notices two Wisconsin stories.

The first is on the Adelman Travel deal.
One key piece that will interest investigators will be a look to see how close that first round of bidding got. If they find that the numbers for Adelman came in higher than Omega by any significant margin, the entire second round might have been unnecessary -- and could indicate that the state gave Adelman a second chance. They will also look for any inappropriate contacts between Doyle and Adelman among lower-level staff members, such as e-mail, telephone logs, and such. Many of these kinds of cases get unraveled by finding contacts like that and doing some arm-twisting to get testimony about how people like Doyle, Adelman, and Fromstein could have directed a contract award behind the scenes, if in fact that happened at all.

The second on how Congress is looking into election fraud here in Wisconsin.
With that in mind, having [Rep. Gwen] Moore taking part as an investigator instead of a witness reminds me of having Jamie Gorelick serve on the 9/11 Commission. In fact, it might be worse. Supreme faces trial next year, and given her personal and professional connections to him, Moore could wind up as a witness or even as a possible accessory in the case. She refuses to answer questions about the case, so why should she be in a position to ask questions about other voter-fraud incidents in Wisconsin?

Interesting stuff, glad to see it is all getting some attention.

Greenhalgh fund

If you've read any of the coverage of the Chippewa Falls Senior High School bus accident, then you know that Doug Greenhalgh made a tremendous impact on his students over the years. A fund has been set up in Greenhalgh's name which is meant to help the school carry on the level of excellence Greenhalgh established at Chi-Hi. Here is the pertinent information, if any of you are interested:

The endowment fund is meant to ensure the legacy of excellence set by Doug Greenhalgh.

The fund will support the band program and its activities for future generation band members.

Donations can be made at the "Community Foundation of Chippewa County," and specify on the check it's for the "Greenhalgh Family Endowment Fund."

Checks can be sent to:
Community Foundation
P.O. Box 153
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

For questions people can call 715-723-8125

If people would like to join the effort in collecting funds people can call 715-723-7740.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Carnival of the Badger X

The Carnival of the Badger is up at Subject to Change.

Stop in and discover what special surprise Aaron has for us. I'm on my way to check it out myself.

Not Too Worried.

The Democrats do not seem to be too worried about Harriet Miers one way or the other. On Special Report with Britt Hume tonight they sent out Senator Kohl to go after her.

Wow, what kind of insult is that? The leading Democrat against you being Herb Kohl.

A BBA High Five for Senator Feingold.

Yes, that is right!

Senator Feingold was one of 15 senators who voted against tabling the Coburn Amendment. In fact a quick scan shows Senator Feingold was the only Democrat voting to keep the amendment alive (Corzine did not vote).

Quick summary, the Coburn Amendment would have rescinded the appropriation of funds for Alaska's infamous Bridge to Nowhehere (Too bad, if we had known they needed one, Milwaukee could have sold theirs for a deal). The money thus saved would be reallocated to reconstruction of a bridge in Louisiana that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Don't worry, this high-five is not a hearty Packer-TD high five but a you did good for once high-five.

Here is the roll call on the vote.

  1. 10/20/2005 8:02 pm
  2. Mea Culpa. Commentor Scott points to this vote as the vote I am talking about. Senator Feingold also votes in a fiscally responsible manner on this vote.

This is such a bad idea.

The City of Oconomowoc and its Citizens have a big problem our roads are bad and getting worse. This is due to years of underfunding and half measure to try and fix roads
As you have probable know the political leadership of Oconomowoc led by the Mayor Maury Sullivan's and 5 member of the Oconomowoc city council have decided the best way to raise money to fix our dilapidated road system is to form a transportation utility district (TUD). This is a "User Fee" not a tax where each property is charged for what the city believes their road use is. One of the local papers the Oconomowoc Focus has two good articles link1 and link2 which give a good explanation of what the Mayor wants to do. So I will not fisk the whole articles but I will repeat one number that jumped out and just stunned me.

The city has estimated that, under a TUD, a supermarket, which under the current system pays about $1,208 in transportation costs, would pay $10,638.

I have learned not to do math here but that strikes me as very unfair. If you were a business why would you move your shop to the city of Oconomowoc. Plus if I understand this, my property taxes will not go down a dime and I will have to pay this extra fee. On top of that I will be helping every local business I use pay that fee. Do the Mayor and the councilmen who are for this believe the businesses will not pass this fee on to their customers? They would be stupid not to pass it on, so great now I get to help pay their share too along with my neighbors. What about the smaller shops and stores this drives out of business? Downtown Oconomowoc has a number of vacant and for rent stores already how many will call it quits due to this fee? I would also like to know have they done everything they can to cut the city budget to find more money for road repairs?

This TUD fee idea is a new Tax and its a punitive one, it punishes businesses whose only crime is providing a service to the City. I mean the majority of the these cars are already in the City so they are not being drawn to Oconomowoc to use these stores and businesses. I mean if you going to try and use a pay for what you use system why not put toll booths on the roads in and out of the City. At least that system would be more fair.

Another "selling" point being used by those in favor of the new Tax/Fee is enitys like churches and municipal buildings will have to pay it. Wait how does that save me money if the local school has to pay this fee, guess whose taxes will be raised by the school board to pay for it. Where do you think those churches are going to get the money to pay this from their members who live in the city most likely.

So let me see if I understand this, I get to pay this fee, I get to pay higher prices to help my local businesses pay the fee. Some of my property taxes which are given to the local schools will help pay for the fee and if I went to church I am sure they would be asking for a bigger donation to help pay for the fee. Sorry I don't see how this is saving me one dime.

The other issue that isn't being answered is why were the road allowed to get this bad by past leadership. Allow me give you a couple of examples of how Oconomowoc has dealt with the roads falling apart.

These three shot all show the years of patching and pothole filling the city has used to try and avoid fixing this road, which is by my house just for the record. If you look you can see patches upon patches.

I believe some investigation into how this happen and who was at the helm when it happen needs to be done and if any of those people are still in elected office in Oconomowoc something needs to be done about that. I have only lived here about 6 years so I am still learning the local history but I will look into that. But that is for another post.

I understand the current Mayor is not the cause of this he has been in office less than 2 years and this is years of neglect and underfunding that caused this. But that said I believe this fee is not the right answer and in the end will not raise as much money as they believe as business close or chose not to locate here.

There is supposed to be another meeting on Nov 1st which I hope to be able to attend.

One final thought before this turns into an Opus is in the coming election cycles we need to pin down the people running for office pledges of "holding the line on taxes" will not be good enough any longer. We need to also get promises of "No new fees" or "I will hold the line on fees and taxes", since in Wisconsin the politicos seem to think a fee isn't a tax.

If this isn't stopped here and now in Oconomowoc it will be visiting a town or city near you soon.


Appleton Smoking Ban Update.

Appleton's smoking ban will have to wait until April to be reconsidered by the voters. The city council did not approve a special election for the issue. I am not too concerned about that.

What does have me worried though is the Appleton Tavern League's president views a statewide ban as a possibility to solve their problem, to "level the playing field". Thank you sir! May I have another!

People have told me there is a pickup in business around those municipalities surrounding Appleton without a ban, but I can not believe a statewide ban would make it better. Here are the choices, a smoker can stay at home, have their beers, and smoke their smokes without hassle. Why go to a bar and pay more for the drinks? Invite some friends over and play poker or something similar.


Jerry Bader on WTAQ was talking about TABOR. Jerry notes how Dale Schulz & John Gard both talked about how TABOR was going to pass in this session. Well, where is it?

Jerry notes TABOR is very popular among both self-identified Republicans and Democrats. So why is TABOR languishing in legislative limbo? Good question, Jerry talks about getting into the prosthetic gonad business or better yet, real gonad replacment.

BTW, a TABOR debate is scheduled tonight downstairs in the Brown County Public Library at around 6:30 pm.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Identification in Wisconsin

Here are some things I've done in the last week:

1. Bought beer.
2. Bought a cigar.
3. Got cold medicine.
4. Re-established a dormant account with an online retailer.
5. Rented a piece of equipment.
6. Purchased some household chemicals
7. Voted.

Guess which one of these items was so unimportant that I didn't have to validate who I am with an ID of some sort? Don't strain yourself, now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

School Board in Disarray

Take a look over at OnTheBorderline for an example of a school board in disarray. And this is when they are on the heels of a proposed school referendum in the amount of $90 Million dollars.

See Breaking News From New Richmond

Some wonder why folks over here hit the local politics so hard. It's because it's the one area where I think people have the most influence for the bang. That is 1/2 of my property taxes and 100% of my state income tax pay for education in Wisconsin through each district. In the case of my district, when a district does not get the 66% from the state it is because it is shared by the districts with less assessed values and income. I am in effect subsidizing other districts in the state. I do have a stake in other districts and will not stand for taxation without representation. I am interested in your district. In New Richmond they want to spend $90 Million dollars.

In the state of Wisconsin the last 10 years total dollars used in the construction of new schools is $5,000,000,000 dollars. Yet we have no more students today than we had 10 years ago. For the kids..or for WEAC ?


Hey Gov.Doyle that is two straight County Executive races your horse has lost. Twice you have tried to come into South Eastern Wisconsin and tried to influence a county ex race and you have gotten your butt whuped.

Thanks to all the Waukesha "Reds" who got it done. I hope Diamond Jim and WEAC notice we are not buying what they are selling.

Congratulation to Dan Vrakas our new County Executive.

Finally thanks to everyone here who helped make this happen in our own small way.

I had a little fun with my victory announcement over at Spotted Horse why don't you all go take a look(please I need the traffic lol)

One serious thought to all the Countyboard members who backed Mr Dwyer do you think you might be a bit out of touch with the people you work for, 68% to 32% tells me you might be.


Vrakas Landslide in Waukesha

Looks like about 67%-32% landslide for Vrakas!

82.54% of the vote in.

PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 189). . . . . 156
82.54 REGISTERED VOTERS - TOTAL . . . . . 261,184
DANIEL P. VRAKAS . . . . . . . . 34,188 67.60
JAMES T. DWYER. . . . . . . . . 16,345 32.32

Hmm wonder if the JS has called this for Dwyer yet?

I think James had the best prediction.

Comfort Package Drive.

Excerpted from Blogger Beer's Comfort Package Drive

Passing this on. Came to my attention last night at the OCRPP Exec Commitee meeting and the article was forwarded to me by the person pushing this. Please help if you can. I was in the Middle East in much-much better circumstances and those little touches from home were very much appreciated, so much more for our soldiers.

Call +(920)730-3933 for more information.

Suggestions for Donated Items

Powdered Gatorade, Tang, sweetened Kool-Aid
Stationery supplies, pens, papers, envelopes - no stamps needed in Kuwait

Snacks, chips in containers - Cracker Jack, beef jerky, Slim Jims, crackers
and canned cheese, nuts and seeds, trail mix, salsa

Instant oatmeal, coffee, tea, cocoa (small indiv. packets)

Sweets - M&Ms, Little Debbies, Rice Krispie treats, dry cereal, dried fruit,
power bars, gum, Tootsie Rolls, granola bars, lollipops, hard candy. Items
containing chocolate chips are fine. Non-meltable chocolate.

Ramen noodles and packaged soups

Disposable cameras

Soft cover books, magazines

Hometown papers - (Press-Star is donating)
CDs and DVDs

Puzzles, cards, cribbage boards, journals, crossword puzzles, yo-yos, frisbees, dart boards, hackie sacks
Zip-Loc bags of all sizes

Personal items - shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, tube shaving cream, disposable razors.

*Cash donations* If you would like to help with the postage all money collected will go 100% towards this.

Prairie Sky

What's wrong with this picture? Yes, it's beautiful, but it's on the prairie. In the Midwest. Do you see it? My final hint: check the pictures here and compare.

Today's sky is just like this - clear and vibrant blue. It's pretty unusual, here in the land of the cumulous, to have a cloudless sky. It reminds me of how strange it was to walk out in the estuary on the Petaluma River when we returned home for a visit last spring. There was a thin, striated blanket of stratus high up in the sky, and for a moment I felt disoriented, as if I were standing on the surface of the moon in tenuous gravity and I might plummet into that vast, empty sky.

The landscape creeps into our psyche. It is reflected in our moods and in our security when we recognize the safety of its boundaries at the subdermal layers of our consciousness. Hills may hem us in or they may anchor us. Empty skies and vast oceans may be free or they may hide things, or they may be sterile, void of necessary things.

Our experience pairs the landscape with our thoughts.

Photo: Carnegie Mellon University, C Higgins. CP @ GMC.

I demand the use of Chemical Weapons by the WDNR

I have about had it with Asian Beetles, here we have a 71F day in October and I cannot use my deck or let my kids outside. There are swarms of these little buggers. They bite and land on you in waves it has made using the back yard impossible. So I call on the STATE DNR to do something about this since this problem is bigger than my back yard and they will not let me put a force field bubble over my house.

I want to hear helos spraying something that will kill these little buggers while I sleep or devise a trap or poison that will kill them dead. I want Asian Beetle Genocide and I want it now. The only good Asian Beetle is a dead one.

So for once wouldn't it be nice if the WDNR helped make a animal/bug/plant problem better instead of always making it worse through their inaction.

So call your state rep demand Chemical Warfare on a Great War Scale to kill these little buggers.

Regards from the trapped inside his bunker

this is a more family friendly version of the post that is also posted at SH

Carnival Reminder

Just a quick reminder, Carnival of the Badger submissions are due Wednesday, Aaron is planning to have a really fun Carnival this week, so don't miss out on the fun.

If you don’t know what this is, it is open to any and all Bloggers from Wisconsin, just submit a link to your favorite post of the week, the host will collect and post all of the stories once a week. Each week the Carnival will be hosted by another Blog.

To submit an article, just send the link to or use the Carnival Submission Form. (make sure you select the proper carnival to submit to)

This is a great way to get new people to visit your Blog

Trench Raid today Target Waukesha

Time to go over the top once again.
Just a friendly reminder if you are one of our Waukesha readers its time to do your civic duty and vote.

Its also time to send Jim Dwyer and his supporters Gov Doyle and his WEAC minions,or is it WEAC and its minion Gov.Doyle(I get confused)a message, as my NYC friends say "Forgedaboudit" you cannot win in Waukesha county.

So to steal Patrick's line

V is for Vote
V is for Vrakas
V is for Victory

and here is GB putting his money where his mouth is,

So if your one of our Waukesha "Reds" get to the polls and remind your friends.

Special thanks to everyone who has worked to get the truth out about this race

Owen,Patrick,James,Charlie and anyone I am forgetting thanks for fighting the fight.


the above is the opinion of GB and should not be taken as the view of the rest of my BBA comrades:) well there are a few of them who think this way too but they can speak for themselves:)

So go vote already.

Monday, October 17, 2005

What is the deal with these Democrats?

Well the Democrat strategy to win elective office seems to be coming into focus.

We can win if we pretend we are Republicans.

Tomorrow the voters in Waukesha County will go to the polls to elect a new County Executive to replace Dan Finley. The current county board chair, Jim Dwyer, has done everything he can to convince people he is a conservative. A smart strategy if you think about it. If you confuse just enough conservatives to vote for you and still pull your base, you just may sneak into office.

Dwyer trying to take claim for Finley's fiscal responsibility is just silly, he tried time and again to get increased spending in Waukesha County.

The following comments are from Matt Thomas of New Berlin, who used to serve on the board:

On virtually every conservative reform issue, incumbent County Board Chairman Jim Dwyer is on the liberal side and newcomer to county politics Dan Vrakas is on the conservative side.During my four years of service as a county supervisor from New Berlin, I served with Dwyer. At budget time each year, Dwyer voted for, advocated for, and to be quite frank, twisted arms of his fellow supervisors for a tax levy increase.In contrast, the reform-minded Vrakas supports a tax freeze and has even co-sponsored tax freeze legislation.

So what we have is Dwyer who twisted arms for levy increases running on the fact that he lost those fights as a positive thing? Only one reason to say that, he is pretending to be something he isn't.

Remember the recent special election in Ohio? No? Ok here is a refresher. Paul Hackett, an Iraq war veteran ran for the house, in public he was vocally anti-Bush and anti-war even calling Bush a chicken hawk. But in his TV ads Hackett actually had a quote from George Bush, flags waving, patriotic music in the background, making the appearance that Bush supported his candidacy.

Hackett lost, but somehow the Dem's still tried to claim victory saying how well they ran in the district. Ran well they did, in a conservative district with a candidate who pretended to be a Republican, and still they lost. By the way, Hackett is going to give it a try on a state level and run against Senator DeWine. I'll be curious to see he if pretends to be a Republican again.

So here is the question. All we hear out of Democratic leaders of late is how bad Republican policies are. However, when a Democrat wants to be elected why do they pretend to be a Republican?

My guess is the people in Waukesha County understand who is who and will reject Dwyer in favor of Vrakas, something in the 61-39 range. And I wonder how many votes he will have lost strictly from pretending to be something he was not? Hey Kent Waynescott, there is an interesting question for your exit polling.

Halloween Costume

I don't have anywhere special to go for Halloween this year, but if I did, I would dress up like an alligator and find a way to make a snake hat a la this. That costume would be much easier on the back than my standard halloween costume: Wisconsin taxpayer, which forces me to walk around grabbing my ankles.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sad losses for Chippewa Falls

TMJ4 has announced the names of those lost in the Chi-Hi bus crash. The names are as follows:
Douglas Greenhalgh, 48
Therese Greenhalgh, 51
Morgan Greenhalgh, 11
Brandon Atherton, 24
Paul Rasmus, 78
Douglas Greenhalgh was the shool's band director, Therese his wife, and Morgan their granddaughter. Brandon Atherton was a student teacher, and Paul Rasmus was the bus driver.

I went to Chi-Hi, and I met Greenhalgh several times, but I never had him as an instructor. I remember Greenhalgh being much beloved by his students, who often referred to him with the affectionate nickname "Gee". His bands were always excellent, and they were an asset to the community. The credit for that belongs to him. He will be missed by the city, the school, and the students.

This will be especially difficult for the Greenhalgh family. They should be in all of our prayers. It will also be difficult for current students and staff, and also all of Greenhalgh's past students.

Please also include the Rasmus and Atherton families in your prayers.

Chippewa Herald
Greenhalgh's Life Struck an Upbeat Note
Fatal crash kills school band director
Tragedy hits students so close to home
Word of crash spreads, community unites

Eau Claire Leader Telegram
Deadly accident shocks Chi-Hi (part 1)
Deadly accident shocks Chi-Hi (part 2)
Most students were sleeping at time of crash

The Victims
School Grieves
Driver had license suspended in April

Hours of work to free kids added to rescuers' horror

Pioneer Press
Nearly home, a nightmare

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bus hits overturned semi

A Word From Gov Campaign Managers Mark Graul and Bruce Pfaff

While at the College Republican Leadership Conference this past weekend the gubernatorial candidates campaign managers both spoke on their experiences in the world of politics and how they attained the experience necessary to lead state-wide campaigns. They were both extremely well spoken and communicated well with the audience by referencing their own humorous collegiate activism that highlighted the hipocrisy and pettiness of the Democratic party. Triumvirate was lucky enough to get both campaign managers to type a short message to readers, similar to the posts the candidates Scott Walker and Mark Green made back in April on Here are Mark Graul's and Bruce Pfaff's posts:

Bruce Pfaff Blogging

Bruce Pfaff: Republicans have a tremendous opportunity to come together to help unseat Jim Doyle. Your support and efforts for all campaigns can help spread the word and make a difference. The most important thing we can do as Republicans is make sure that we volunteer, for the candidate of your choice and recruit your family and friends to help do anything and everything possible to spread the word. Jim Doyle has been bad for Wisconsin’s working families.

Mark Graul Blogging

Mark Graul: Wisconsin has the people, the resources and the values to be the best place in the country to live, work and play. Jim Doyle stands in the way of unleashing the great potential of our state. Get involved! It’s too important not to. You have the power to make your state, your country and your community a better place. I hope you’ll take a look at Mark’s web site — we’d love to have you on the Green Team.

I was extremely impressed by both of these gentlemen, I want to thank them both again for taking the time not only to talk to us but to type a short message to readers. It’s great to see a crisp vision of Wisconsin not blurred by the short-sitedness of Dismal Doyle and his WEAC cronies.

Cross-posted at Triumvirate

Tragedy for Chippewa Falls

Shortly after 2 a.m. this morning, a bus carrying members of the Chippewa Falls Senior High marching band and chaperones was rear ended by a semi on I-94 near Osseo, killing at least 5. The band was returning fromt he state band competition at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. The Chippewa Herald is reporting the coroner was still on the scene of the accident at 10 a.m. this morning. Details are sketchy in all reports right now. Our condolences to the friends and families of those who have died.

Update 1
WEAU TV is reporting the bus collided with a jackknifed semi as it came over a hill, and also that at least 6 have died.

Update 2
Just spoke with someone back in Chippewa Falls. This individual said the accident was head on, with the semi coming from the eastbound lane. The bus that was hit was carrying chaperones, faculty, and staff. At least 6 are dead. Some names are confirmed, but information on that is not being released pending the informing of next of kin.

Update 3
WCCO television has up to date coverage.

Correction to Update 2
WCCO has just interviewed a State Trooper. The semi and the bus had both been traveling westbound on I-94. The semi driver lost control of his vehicle and had jackknifed. The tour bus then hit the jackknifed semi.

Update 4
The current number of fatalities is 5, not 6. Also, JSOnline interviews a student who was on one of the following buses here.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hypocritic Oaf Award.

A mainstay over at RealDebateWisconsin is the Hypocritic Oaf Award. These awards are handed out about weekly, more often if needed. Not the kind of thing I would usually post here, but this week I just thought I should.

State Senator Glenn Grothman has been getting a lot of positive press over the last few days for saving fireworks as we know them on Milwaukee's lakefront.

Milwaukee's elected officials were silent on DNR pressure to move the venue off of Summerfest Island and onto a barge somewhere out on the lake. Senator Grothman picked up the issue and introduced legislation to keep fireworks as they have been. This put Jim "Noid" Doyle into the uncomfortable position of possibly having to veto fireworks. Not a great thing to do when one can not climb above 46% approval ratings. Wonder of wonders all of a sudden the DNR granted permission for 3 acres to be used for fireworks.

On the whole Senator good job, but not the job the people of the 20th Senate district elected you to do. We do remember out here Glenn that you told us Mary Panzer was a RINO, and we believed you. You told us you were going to champion TABOR and get some real tax relief in this state.You were called on this and recently told us you were waiting to get the budget done and then TABOR was going to be your top priority. Ooooo Aaah look at the pretty fireworks.

Meanwhile we have the Noid's supposedly responsible freeze. You remember the one where Milwaukee can increase taxes and fees to the tune of 10% this year. Small town budgets are coming in all over the place following Milwaukee's example with fee increases and increased taxes across the board. Those that have not increased their mil rate have increased assessments. I am dreading my tax bill this year, look out Racine. (why is that shark music from Jaws playing in my head?)

The only one who seems to be able to hold the line of taxes in Scott Walker.

So Glenn, for not being nearly as loud on TABOR and taxes in general as you were about Mary Panzer. For caring more about pretty lights in the sky than the oppressive tax burden in this state, thanks for nothing and enjoy your second Hypocritic Oaf Award.

Zein to be challenged by Kreitlow

State Senator Dave Zein will be challenged in the 23rd Senate District by Democrat Pat Kreitlow. Chippewa Valley blogger Sanna happened by the announcement this morning and brings us the news:
Sanna Central stopped by the courthouse this morning, which was mostly
surrounded by media and local Democratic luminaries. On a gorgeous, crisp fall
day here in Chippewa Falls, with the stately backdrop of the courthouse and to
the sound of applause and barking dogs, Pat Kreitlow used his former news anchor
training to give a nice, polished speech. Forgive your intrepid blogger if she
didn't hang around long, but there was not much in the speech about his
positions, other than that he is tired of "political insiders pretending that
they are outsiders." This will all come out in time.

It'll be interesting to see early poll numbers on this race. Kreitlow is a former news anchor for WEAU TV-13 in Eau Claire, probably the dominant station in the Chippewa Valley. The WEAU to state politics path was blazed by State Representative Rob Kreibich. Kreitlow will have very strong name recognition amongst voters in the 23rd by virtue of his time at WEAU.

Post 9-11, airplanes are not toys, kids

There was a little scare at a Marshfield high school football game. A small plane made several low passes over the stadium at a very slow speed during a game on September 30. From the Marshfield News Herald:
With each pass of a low-flying airplane over Beell Stadium on Sept. 30, people sitting around Max Navarro grew more anxious.

It wasn't funny anymore, they said.

A caller to the Marshfield News-Herald, who left a voice message but couldn't be located, said that a neighbor woman was still shaken when she got home. He and his wife had considered leaving the game because they felt they were in danger, the caller said.

Navarro, whose son, Jake, is on the Marshfield High School football team, said the pilot made three passes over the packed stadium on homecoming night.

The aircraft was piloted by a 16-year-old Marshfield boy, according to police records. Authorities are not releasing the pilot's name because he is a juvenile.
It sounds like the 16 year old pilot is in plenty of trouble. It was his employer's plane, and he did not have approval for this stunt. He also may have violated FAA rules by flying too low over the field. The school district is also looking into possible discipline.

The moral of the story (if it isn't painfully obvious enough)? Airplanes have no place in stunts in the post 9-11 world. This kid deserves to lose his pilot's license and some suspension time at school.

The Packerless Sunday

No need to be entirley bereft this weekend, I suppose, since we are awaiting the glorious return of Paul Bunyan's Axe to the proper side of the Mississippi.

But, as we've got no Packers to cheer on this Sunday, I thought perhaps a caption contest would be in order.

I'll get it started:

"Rock a bye, Fer-gie, on the tree top..."

"Brett, uh, you know, there's people watching."

Oh, you think you can do better? Leave it in the comments.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Hillary at Home

From the Beloit Daily News:

MADISON - After years of what they call "delays," Wisconsin Democrats have called upon the legislature to come up with a comprehensive health care bill and set a deadline to approve the plan.

Democrats announced their plan Wednesday afternoon, giving few details of what they want in the bill to be passed in three years.

The bill specifies the statewide health care reform must reduce overall costs by at least 15 percent and ensure 98 percent of state residents have health coverage within two years of enactment. The bill also specifies the action be passed by legislators by 2008.

Hey - you don't know what you want, but you want it for almost everybody, and you want it now. Great. And you have the majority in Congress to accomplish it, right?

What's that you say? You don't? I didn't hear you. You don't what? Oh, you don't have the majority in Congress. I see.

Well, maybe you'd better figure out what it is you want, demonstrate how the people agree and that it's in their best interest, and how having them foot the bill through taxes isn't going to erase the 15% you're saving them.

Good luck with that. Must be your plan to get that longed-for majority in the next election.


I'm in the Wrong Business

In another life, I'm going to be an Allergist. Then I too can loan my Congressional Campaign $250K from my own pocket.

Just pondering here, but does it look like the Primary that's going to kill each other off in WI-08 is the Democratic one, not the GOP that most had expected the fight to take place? Feel free to comment below.

Conservatives Must Stick With the Republican Party

Erick over at Confirm Them has a great post up on why conservatives must not abandon ship.

I wholly disagree with the Harriet Miers nomination. I think it has proven to be a disaster.... But, Harriet Miers is not my single issue. President Bush has more often than not been on my side....On the other side of the bridge are the hoards of Democrats and media intent on bringing down the presidency of George W. Bush....Miers may be a disappointment, but I will not give up on the President and the Republican party, the latter of which is still the best vehicle for conservative movement in the political process.... I will fight to make sure the party of Howard Dean stays in the minority. I will fight to make sure the GOP elects conservatives, but I will not abandon them if some in the GOP are not like me.

Well said Erick! Read the whole thing.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wedding Update

Well the wedding went off without a hitch. It was a pleasure to see Cory and Janell become husband and wife.

A couple of more surprises hit today when the Olive Garden hosted a recepetion and the Kalahari Resort in the Dells ponied up a honeymoon weekend.

Funniest thing heard from the bride and groom today? What's wrong with all your trees? Why are they turning yellow?

Boy these two are in for a rude awakening when the snow flies!

On another note, TV crews were on hand from Channels 4, 12 and 18. I'm sure there were newspaper folks about as well. Funny thing, with all that press no politicians were to be seen anywhere in sight. How refreshing!

The staff and management at RealDebateWisconsin (gee I guess that is all the same) wish the happy couple a long and happy life together.

I would like to suggest a new name for Gov. Doyle.

After reading about the SBC donation/payment to Gov. Doyle's campaign fund at Boots&Sabers I had a thought we need to drop our pet nickname for Governor Doyle "Diamond Jim" and start calling him "Boss Jim and his Wisconsin Version of Tammany Hall". Boss Jim would work for a shorten form. How many questionable donations have to be uncovered before we can say this is a confirmed trend. William Marcy Tweed(Boss Tweed) would be proud of the system he found in present day Wisconsin.

I ask you, could a Republican Governor survive the MSM firestorm, if he had to explain the donations/ alleged result of that donation from the:

Potowatommi money = Never ending gambling compact and right to play what ever games they wanted.

WEAC money = Well to make it short, what ever WEAC wants.

Adelman Travel money(only applicant to give money)= Contract for 10,100 airline tickets for state employees.

SBC money = the telecommunication group they belong too gets a UW contract.

At this time, this is just a short list of ALLEGED pay for play incidents involving Governor Doyle.

So I give "Boss Jim" and his go to the front of the line passes. On sale now.


Blue Book Blues

You know you are too far gone when you spend a good couple hours reading your new Wisconsin Blue Book. Sigh.

Good stuff, I just kinda wish I had those hours back.

Milwaukee to build citywide wireless network

In a bit of news that should cross the partisan divide, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced plans to build a wireless network that would cover the entire city. Residents would pay about $20/mo. to access system with a discount to low-income residents.

I think this is a great idea. This should help Milwaukee grow its professional class and lure jobs to the city. It will also give low income families more tools and skills to help themselves. Let's hope this is implemented as soon as possible.

I Thought WImP Radio Wasn't Leftist?

Spotted the following on The Corner I thought WImP (WIsconsin Public) Radio was middle of the road?

A friend passes along how liberal authors see public radio as the most natural part of their product pitch. On his blog, Chris Mooney noted he would be plugging his book "The Republican War Against Science" on Tuesday with host Ben Merens on the "Ideas Network" at Wisconsin Public Radio. "I'll be talking about the book, which they're using as a premium in their pledge drive." If you listen to the first minute of the show, Merens promised a copy of the book with any $150 pledge.
Posted at 02:22 PM

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Anatomy of a Wedding.

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Beth Desai, proprietor of Bethamy’s Bridals and Formals Fashions in Racine, had just such a fortune last Friday. Beth was at the Racine County Court House applying for a passport and overheard a conversation between Cory Adams and Janell Kelly. Cory and Janell were trying to get a marriage license and were having some difficulty as they were victims of Hurricane Katrina and did not have all the documentation they needed.

Something tugged in the recesses of Beth’s mind, namely she had a bridal shop and she could help. Beth called the Court House and asked them to give the couple her number.

Networking being what it is, Beth put her wedding connections to work, and the generosity of this small town has come to light. Due to the charitable hearts of numerous people Cory and Janell will have the big church wedding they always wanted.

The evening of Thursday 11-13 at Holy Communion Lutheran Church, Reverend Judy LaPoint will join Cory and Janell as husband and wife. I spoke with Judy as well, she gave me an advanced version of the service, it is going to be something. Oh, and guess what? It’s Janell’s 21st birthday as well!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the bride and groom today, really charming people. Cory told me he had a job with a temporary service but wanted to stay here and get something more permanent. After I asked what kind of work he wanted, he told me to work in a restaurant as he had experience and loved to cook. I stopped and talked to a friend of mine, and it looks like Cory has a job. Janell was apparently also offered full time employment today.

These people literally left New Orleans with just a few changes of clothes and are trying to start over from scratch. They found some temporary housing and are hoping for something more permanent. Mrs. Real Debate is working behind the scenes to those means. She has additionally secured assistance from a local food pantry where she volunteers and serves on the board.

Anyone locally who reads this and would like to help please contact me and we’ll find a way to get any donations to Cory and Janell.

Mrs. Real Debate and I will be attending the ceremony Thursday evening, and I'll be sure to post pictures.

Editorially, this just really shows how a community can come together and show the love of God to their nieghbors. I wish we saw more stories like this in the media, and less of the usual "if it bleeds it leads" nonsense.

The following is a partial list of businesses and persons who pitched in to help make this wedding a reality.
  • Bathamy's Bridals
  • Affordable Alterations
  • Great Clips
  • Savvi Formalwear
  • A Photo Illusions
  • Flowers by Walter
  • Holy Communion Lutheran Church
  • Larsen Bakery
  • Thompkins Productions (Video)
  • Mary Kay Makeup (Meline Grigorian)
  • Anything Goes Limo Service
  • Sheer Delight
  • Wendy Arndt (Wedding Coordinator)
  • Reverend Judy LaPoint

Our thanks to them one and all!

And to Cory and Janell, may you have a happy and joyous life together.

Feckless in the News!

Up in Green Bay there is a court case going on with a 17 year old being tried as an adult for a "hate crime". Nevermind the hate crime or the details, WTAQ has been playing soundbites from the prosecutor all day today.

He uses the word feckless in the snippet being played! Unfortunately, crapweasel does not follow but child instead.


USS Cole Five Year Anniversary.

Today is the Fifth Anniversary of the USS Cole bombing. Michelle Malkin is urging bloggers to commemorate this act of war against the United States of America.

Also, please note or recall, one of the 17 sailors killed in that act of war was from Fond du Lac.

Engineman 2nd Class Marc Ian Nieto, 24, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

It is rosary night in the Emporium and all 17 of those young sailors will be in our prayers tonight.

Set The Controls for the Heart of The Sun.


If you know who sang that song then you are a hardcore fan of that group. ;-)

However, this is not about that rather famous band or its music. I wonder if the atom (hence the title related to nuclear physics) feed for this site is set up?

If you blog it is my very strong (and newly acquired) opinion that you should make sure your Blogger syndication (or whatever blog engine you use) is set up.


  1. 10/12/2005 11:58 am CDT. Got it! Perhaps in my copying and pasting I had an extra space or some other FUBAR in the feed url.

  2. 10/12/2005 6:28 pm CDT. Who sang the song referenced in the subject?

Why is the EPA in the Grocery Market business?

Today in the MJS there was an article about how Milwaukee is getting an outdoor food market. One line caught my eye and I was hoping someone could explain to me why The Environmental Protection Agency is in the Outdoor Food Market business?

The Article states:
An EPA grant of $2.5 million in 2004 catapulted the project forward.

Why is the EPA using Tax dollars to support projects like this? Is every superfund site in America cleaned up. I fail to see how building outdoor food markets falls under the umbrella of the EPA.

We wonder why are taxes are so high and where the money goes then you see something like this and think there had to be more important things the EPA could have spent that money on.

So if someone has an idea why the EPA is in the Food Market business please enlighten old GB.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Appleton's Loss is Yuma's Gain!

Tonight The Empress and myself went to a going away party. One of the hardcore and longtime volunteers for the Outagamie County Republican Party Apryl Brand is putting an end to her Snowbird status, and moving to Yuma Arizona on a fulltime basis.

Unfortunately the OCRP has lost someone that can be counted on 100% of the time. In fact, another party member in tribute said if they wanted something to happen they would discuss it in front of Apryl and she would step right up.

In attendance to this sad but wonderful event (she got a job offer from the Yuma hospital she could not refuse) was Mark Green, John Gard, Jack Voight, Carrie Schneider (Outagamie County DA & OCRP chair), and Steve Wieckert.

In addition to her work as a volunteer for Republican causes she was involved in the needs of the whole community. She was part of a team that set up a clinic for the homeless and poor (early '90s and this clinic is still going), she performed overseas missionary work, and she was a state delegate to the 2000 Republican National Convention. What an inspiration to all of us!

Apryl, in the title I say Yuma is gaining but it is more accurate to Arizona is gaining! Say hi to JD Hayworth for all of us and tell John McCain to straighten up!

God Bless You & thank you for your work!

New additions to the blogroll

We have two new additions to the 'red' blogroll today. First off, The Madison Freedom Fighter. The Mendota Beacon pumps out another quality blogger. The second is Wagner on the Web. Jeff Wagner has been pumping out regular material lately, so even though his posts are mini-columns, we'll tuck him into the blogroll. After all, we accept Lance, and all of his posts at Lance Burri are columns. But unless he commences to run for some office, we'll have chaos on or hands on the right side of the Badgersphere.

And how could I forget? Prolific commenter Steve has started No Runny Eggs. Steve, we were all waiting for you to make the jump. Welcome to the posting side of the Badgersphere!

Recalling Mayor Dave over Madison's smoking ban

Well, it sounds like the process has begun. I have a very good friend who is going to be disappointed that he won't be able to vote against Mayor Dave. Not too long ago, he could have, but he moved out of Madison because he no longer felt it to be a hospitable or affordable place to live. That in itself is a lesson on Madison-mid to upper twenty year old males who make decent money would rather start their families in other communities. That's bad demographic news for your city's long term health, Mayor Dave. But it just may save your hide in the short term.

(Cross posted at Jiblog)

re: Admin note

Why Kevin, does this mean you are charging Governor Doyle with being a Decepticon? Scandalous!

(ya know, this is goofy crap we always get recognized for).

Re: Admin Note

I see. Very well then.


That's right people; Vote Optimus Prime Governor of the Great State of Wisconsin.

For those of you unfamiliar with the record of Prime, please let me explain. Prime is a leader (of the Autobots) of men (actually robots that can change into cars, trucks, planes, and Lord knows what else) who strive to protect all of mankind (in the not-so-distant future) from (the Evil of the Decepticons) high taxes, insane governmental regulations, and the occasional (alien) invasion.

He is a war veteran (of the Cybertron Civil War) and has a heart of gold (actually titanium) with the right balance of "go get 'em" gusto and compassion.

So join me in backing Optimus Prime for Governor of Wisconsin.

Paid for in Part by "Prime for Governor" - Bumblebee Treasurer.

The coming Trench Raid on Tuesday the 18th

Next Tuesday there will be a Trench Raid in Waukesha county(county ex not big enough to be called a push in my book) But unlike a lot of countywide elections this election has taken on a bigger significance due to Governor Doyle and WEAC throwing their support and money behind one of the candidates. We all know that Waukesha is a very Red County its one of the reasons I chose to live here, and a Dwyer victory would be a black eye to we conservatives who live here.

So for the next week My motto to anyone who will listen is going to be

"A vote for Dwyer is a vote for Doyle"

Mr Dwyer who is trying to pass himself off as a conservative(only way a nonconservative can get elected here)might not like that slogan but he knows who has his back in this fight.

So on the 18th if you live in Waukesha County get out and pull the Vrakas lever and Tell WEAC and Gov Doyle they cannot win in our county.

the above is the sole opinion of GBfan and does not imply support by any of his fellow bloggers on the BBA.


Admin note

As we get closer and closer to the primary elections for 2006 races, there is going to be plenty of discussion for X candidate or against Y candidate. I'm sure much of that talk will take place here at the Badger Blog Alliance. The BBA will not be endorsing candidates in specific races during the Republican primaries, though. All discussion of such here at the BBA will be the opinion of each individual blogger, as all posts here are. The diversity of opinion amongst our right leaning members is such that it is impossible for this blog as a group to make any endorsements.

So, in a nutshell. BBA bloggers, feel free to discuss what you want about whichever candidates. BBA readers, those discussions will constitute individual positions, not the position of the group.

This Won't Go Down Well in Platteville

From the Globe and Mail:
ZURICH -- The United States launched a plan yesterday to slash farm subsidies and break a deadlock at WTO talks in time for a December deadline.

The U.S. proposal -- calling for a 60-per-cent cut in American subsidies and an 80-per-cent reduction by the European Union and Japan -- was welcomed as a move likely to boost the so-called Doha negotiations to open up trade through the World Trade Organization.

It's long overdue that we begin the slash-and-burn work of getting the land ready for unsubsidized farming. The threat has been that it will be the end of family farms and the rise of the corporate farming conglomeration, which will then lead to the secret quasi-government of global farm corporations, which will be the end of life on Earth as we know it.

Or not. It didn't sink the mom-and-pop accountants when H&R Block hit the scene - and diversified - and it hasn't prevented small, organic farmers (or even the non-organics) from thriving in an attempt to change the market by targeting health-food stores and farmer's markets across the country.

The WTO plans to cut its export farm subsidies by 2010, thus putting pressure on those producers and opening the door for the poorer farmers to be competitive in a non-artificial environment.

But don't expect it to happen with the stroke of a pen in a mountain hideaway somewhere in Europe. Baldwin, Feingold and the like didn't get where they are today without handing out a lot of farm dole. But scream as they might about the plight of the poor and the working class, it's the middle and upper tiers that will hurt by having to actually make their farms profitable, not the scrabblers.

Carnival of the Badger

According to Nick, To Whom The World Is According, this week's Carnival of the Badger will be hosted over at Badger Blues.

I think I might finally try this carnival submission form this week. If you're still uncomfortable around such newfangled things, you can just email

This is another of Wisconsin's liberal blogs doing the hosting this week, so let's make a good showing!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sign the Wisconsin Marriage Protection Petition

The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin has begun its petition drive to lobby our state to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment. Please sign the petition here. Check out this post showing why the common arguments against this amendment don't work.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Everest Shrunk

This is just weird news. Most geologists I had as college professors have told me that mountains get taller. They don't get shorter.

But apparently Mt. Everest has done just that.

The world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, is 12 feet shorter than previously thought, Chinese scientists who measured the peak earlier this year said Sunday.

Their survey determined that the mountain was 29,017 feet, or 12 feet smaller than it was measured to be 30 years ago, said Chen Bangzhu, a spokesman with the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

The survey was carried out by a team of 50 Chinese experts in May, Chen said at a press conference.

The new figure is based on the "most elaborate and precise data ever obtained by Chinese or foreign scientists," said Chen.

Chen said the data did not mean the mountain had shrunk since it was last measured, but that previous measurements were less accurate.

A 1975 Chinese survey determined that the mountain was 29,029 feet high. Other estimates put its height at 29,035-feet.

Everest's peak lies on the border between China and Nepal, with climbers providing a large source of income for people on both sides.

No word on how many of those that have made the climb, didn't come back down.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Where I wish I could be this weekend:

At the Bayfield Apple Festival.

So if you have the time to drive up to Bayfield, one of the most beautiful spots in this whole beautiful state, definitely make the trip.

And when you get there, be sure to say hello to our friends the Olsens, owners of the Bayfield Apple Company.

Here's a page with a photo of the Bayfield Apple Company's stand at last year's Apple Festival. They have a fantastic apple cider (really good on hot days when partially frozen to a slush, and good on cold days heated up with cinnamon), plus currant jelly, raspberry jam, apple mustard... the list goes on, but those are my favorites.

And on top of all that, they are just the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. They'll give you a warm welcome if you stop by.

Disclaimer: This is a shameless plug for our friends, but I get absolutely no compensation for it. No blogola here. I just get the satisfaction of posting about one of my favorite places in the whole world, hoping somebody else will also enjoy it.