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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Socialists Attack on Property Rights Continues Unabated.

Just heard on Charlies show that the Socialists are once again using underhanded tactics to take away the rights of 100's of private property owners. They are ramming this state wide Restaurant and Bar smoking ban.

I am a former 3 pack a day smoker I loved tobacco in any form I dipped I smoked both Cigars and Cigarettes I have been tobacco free for over a decade now. I really do not like being around people who smoke.

But guess what I do not have the right to tell any restaurant owner or tavern owner what they can do with their property. You see unlike our Socialist friends I do not wake up every morning looking to take away the rights of others. And unlike our Socialist friends I understand that sometimes other peoples rights are going to make me uncomfortable or might even piss me off. But since I am not a rights stealing socialist I adjust my habits I do not try and take others rights away.

If you do not like smoke in bars than do not go to that bar the only bars that I frequent now that allows smoking are the little bars in Jump River or Hawkins I like the people in those bars enough that I put up with the smoke it is my choice. I have no right to tell those bar owners what to do with their private property.

Last time I checked Tobacco was a legal substance. The State of Wisconsin is still getting its "taste" from every pack or carton of cigarettes sold. Governor Doyle and the rest of the Socialists in Madison are nothing but two faced hypocrites.

If you every wonder why I am such a zealot when it comes to my 2nd Amendment rights it is because I have seen what the government did to smokers

First it was you have to move into a smoking section and the smokers said ok fair enough than it was you have to smoke outside the smokers grumbled but went along with it. Than it was well you cannot smoke outside near the building doors than it was you cannot smoke anywhere on this property. Now we want to tell private property owners what legal substances you can allow in your bar. Because we all know how health drinking beer and mixed drinks and shots are.

You know what is next they will tell smokers you cannot smoke in your own home or outside on your deck if there are children next door. When does this stop

That is why when it comes to gun rights I refuse to give an inch because the smoking fight shows us what the Socialists are like if you give them one inch they will just keep coming there is on good for them they want it all to be their way and they will not stop till they have gotten their way. They do not care one lick how many other peoples rights they trampled over to get what they want.

You see when it comes to our Socialist enemies, only their beliefs and rights matter as far as they see it, It is their world the rest of us are just living in it and paying for it. Only what they think and want matters.

All you blue collar union idiots who smoke who voted for these asshats I hope your are happy they are taking your rights away not mine you are getting the government you deserve.

Sic Semper Tyrannis