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Monday, May 04, 2009

Outstanding Lets Stick It Too Them

The Chancellor of The University of Wisconsin(There really is only one)is making a typically Socialist proposal.

"At first glance, a key premise of Chancellor Biddy Martin's undergraduate initiative seems absurd. In an effort to make the University of Wisconsin-Madison "affordable to all," she is proposing a tuition increase"

But the silliness that is Socialism is not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about how we need to stick it to these college students and their families.

To be honest I could care less how high they raise the Tuition at the UW anymore. I like to think of it as my own version of class warfare. Most of these lovely wet behind the ears children who make up the population of the UW, love to vote for Socialists like Jim Doyle and Mark Pocan. People who love to stick their hand into my wallet and take more than their fair share.

So screw them I think they should triple the tuition, think of the Students Paradise they could build in Madison if all of the students just were forced to pay more for their education.

Even though both my wife and I graduated from Wisconsin(class of 91 and class of 97) I doubt either one of my sons will attend our fine state university. Wisconsin does not have a Men's gymnastic team even though Men's Gymnastics in Wisconsin is the equivalent of Football in Texas and Florida so that rules out my Oldest son(I am hoping he can get in to the Naval Academy through gymnastics) And my other son is MIT or Cal-Tech bound trust me at 6 he is already the second smartest person in our home behind my wife.

So I have no stake in what it costs to go to Wisconsin for school.

So in the words of our former Governor Tommy Thompson

"Stick it Too Them"

Let all those budding little socialists at the UW share in the sacrifice and pain that is Jim Doyle's Wisconsin.

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