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Monday, May 04, 2009

This Week in Wisconsin

Since it's only a matter of time, stay updated on Swine flu.

Opening day snuck up on me, but some people had their priorities straight. If you haven't yet, straighten out your tackle box, check your reel and get out there!

It's Building Safety Week, so check out the company fire, tornado and disaster plans are. Yeah, I'm only running this so I can remind you that our Commerce Secretary, who announced the event, is Richard J. Leinenkugle.

Not to be outdone, Gov. Doyle announced that this week will be Emu Week. Because Emu husbandry is an important agricultural industry!

Obama Twitters. Last week Sarah Palin started, and Rep. Robin Vos of Racine's tweets are picking up followers after last week's budget meetings. UW Poli Sci prof Charles Franklin says politicians like new fads, and "we're in the peak of the Twitter Fad." Who's next?