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Sunday, May 03, 2009

These must not be true "Greens"

'Greens' consider buying We Energies land

Because in spite of what the article says they are not acting like Environmentalists they are actually acting like Conservationists.

You see if they were acting like Environmentalists they would just try and have Government tell the rightful owner of the land what they could do with their private property. Property Rights be damned.

I have no problem with people buying up land if they wanted it protected. If you own it than you should be able to do what ever you want with your property. If this group can raise the money to buy this plot of land more power too them.

This is an example of how protecting land should be done. Everyone wins the land owner gets the fair value for its land the people who want to keep it undeveloped get what they want and no ones right were trampled.

But most of the people in the Green Movement always have to make this process harder than it has to be. Remember when they were having all those concerts to raise money to buy "Walden's Pond" to keep it out of the hands of evil developers. I had to laugh Jimmy Buffet who played that should could have purchased that land with the loose change in his couch. The dude is loaded but he was out there with Don Henly asking normal everyday people to send in money. Dude just for a charity write a couple of checks and bang the pond is protected. If you really believe in protecting it so much write the check do not hold a pond aid concert.

So kudos to this group they are at least approaching this problem the correct way.