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Monday, May 04, 2009

Crazy does not need a gun to kill you.

I know the anti-gun owners rights crowd will not like this. Last week a deranged murder in Holland proves once again that when "Crazy" decides he is coming for you he does not need a gun to kill you.

This sick monster in Holland managed to kill 5 people and injure another 14 all without a gun.

Once again it is proved Guns/Cars do not kill people, Crazy Ass People kill people.

That is the one thing the Socialists, Columnists like the MJS favorite race baiter and idiot empty suit mayors like Tom Barrett never seem to grasp.

innate machines do not wake up one morning and say "Today I am going to try and take out the Dutch Royal Family"

In a world a of 6 billion people there are going to be a couple of nut jobs who for what ever reason are going to set out to kill their fellow man and guess what usually when they start doing it you cannot do much about it. Other than hope you are not one of the unlucky ones who get taken out by these whack jobs.

And if the anti gun people got their wish and we had a world where only government officials had guns, nothing would change crazy people would still find ways to kill innocent people. And people who live in the inner city of Milwaukee would still keep being killed by the thugs they have the neighbors. They would just be killed with knives or boards with nails in them or be run down by a car. You cannot stop crazy or evil.

But as long as they are not killed by a gun, the dreamers who make up the anti gun movement will be ok with that. It is much better to be run down by a Suzuki than shot with a Glock.

To borrow and paraphrase a line from the movie Shawshank Redemption:

Bad luck floats around, it has to land on somebody it was just these peoples turn to be in the path of the tornado there is not much more too it than that.

That concept is one a lot of the people in our nation cannot grasp.