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Monday, May 04, 2009

Ted Jarosh is not your friend if you believe in your right to legally carry a firearm.

He says he is to quote the paper, "An alderman who hunts and owns guns plans to seek an ordinance to limit the open carrying of firearms in the city.

Ted Jarosh, who describes himself as a strong defender of the right to own and legally carry guns, said last week he will ask the city attorney Tuesday whether the city could classify certain acts of so-called open carry as disturbing the peace."

First Ted is a lying no matter what he says he is not a "strong" defender of anything having to do with protecting your right to legally carry a fire arm. His actions here prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I love how when the MJS finds a "gun owner" who agrees with them then their opinion matters. But the gun owners who actually believe in the Constitution our opinions do not matter. Screw the MJS it will be a good day in Milwaukee when you finally go out of business.

Mr. Jarosh also shows he is one of those local politicians who thinks he is smarter and better than the people he works for I love this quote

"I think that if you carry a firearm to mow your lawn - unless you fear polar bears or pterodactyls are going to attack you - you're disturbing the peace," Jarosh said.

Nice, so Alderman Jarosh you get to decided how other people can practice their right to open carry. What makes you so much wiser than us Mr. Jarosh?

Screw you Mr Jarosh you asshat you do not get to decide how or when or where I or someone else gets to practice their Constitutionally protected right you asshole. What other rights should we have to run by you before we practice them? Just to make sure we are not making you nervous. Do we have to check with you before we use our Free Speech right or our Freedom to assemble too?

I do not have to tell you why I want to carry a firearm, Mr Jarosh as long as I am not breaking the law as it is written you have no need to know you jerk. I could be worried about zombies or goblins for all it matters. It is none of your damn business.

I am sorry but petty politicians like Alderman Jarosh make my blood boil. All they can do is sit around trying to figure out how to put limits on our 2nd Amendment rights. Hell not just 2nd Amendment they want to put limits on all of our rights.

A Meddlesome asshole is all Alderman Jarosh is.

I am tried of these people and I am going to call them out every time they pull shat like this.