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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is he or isn't he? Favre, I mean...

Brett Favre may or may not be retired:

Latest buzz is that new free-agent QB Brett Favre, 39, who could end up with the Vikings, has hired a personal trainer at home in Mississippi.

Favre's sudden arrival on the market makes you wonder if that's the reason the Vikings haven't spent much on free agency this year. Maybe they knew something.

The ESPN Monday night Vikings-Packers game Oct. 5 at the Metrodome, if Favre is the Vikings' QB, could set a viewership record.
Nothing will ever interfere with my hero worship of Brett Favre. Nothing. Ever. But. If he’s in a Viking uniform next season, I will hope to see him crash to the ground with B.J. Raji on top of him. I will hope to hear something snap.