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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Is A Conservative To Do

Charlie is wondering why no one is calling in about the Stimulus bill.

Here is the problem I know my Congressman is going to vote against it. So me making 200 calls to Congressman Sensenbrenner's office would be a waste of time.

My Two Senators could give a rats ass what I think since I am not a brain dead liberal. Honestly I do not think Senator Kohl is a living being anyway, think living walking wax doll for what he is worth.

Plus right now the Left can do what they want and they will consequences be damned.

So at this point the only thing left for those us on the right to do is

Duck and Cover

For all the good that is going to do us lol.

Things are bad now and due to the actions of "The One" and the Liberal Congress it is going to get worse.

Right now the only thing we can do on the right is try and position ourselves to survive the coming storm. Now how you do that will very from person to person family to family. But it is time to batten down the hatches and prepare to ride out the storm.

We need to work together to help protect each other live responsibility if you can help out other conservatives in any manner please do that.

Try and think of ways we can help each other out.

Just coming to the BBA and leaving your comments helps it shows other people that they are not alone there are still conservatives out there.

Start and keep teaching, we are going to have to win this fight one mind at a time we know our Ideas will win when put up against Liberal ideas. If and it is a big if we can keep our elected leaders true to our ideas.

If you know of a Conservative who has lost a job in this economy and can help then get a foot in the door for a new gig please do it.

Let bygones be bygones, if a fellow conservative has done things to piss you off forgive them and remember they are not the enemy the left is.(I for one know the list of fellow conservatives I have pissed off is long and distinguished so I am hoping that I can for be forgiven for some of the crap I have pulled)

If you have a skill that you can teach other conservatives that may help them weather the storm offer it up once again teach teach teach.

I am sure there are hundreds of other ways we can help each other out. Feel free to ad your ideas as you think of them.

Right now we as a group need to go into Lagger(Circle the Wagons)

Look out for each other do what you can and keep moving forward.