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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't believe it till their checks clear.

"Coggs, Clark to repay county for inauguration trip"

No time frame for when they will pay it back though, I will believe it when the checks clear.

Best line from the MJS story ""We just think it's the right thing to do," the statement says." No the right thing to do would have been not to go to the Coronation on the taxpayers dime in the first place. They are not sorry they did it, they are sorry they got caught. But that is typical for a Milwaukee Politician.

Oh and lets take a moment to give credit to every other Liberal politico who did go to the Coronation but paid for it out of pocket or with campaign funds. Thanks you for not shafting the people you supposedly work for this one time :) Well done.

One small win for the taxpayers if they really pay this bill