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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Governor Doyle to take Pole Dancing approach to budget problems

Tonight is the Governors State of the State speech where he will give us a little bit of an insight into how he intends to make the state work even though we are 5 BILLION in the hole.

Basically Doyle is going to dance around the issues then get down on his knees and hope that the Great Liberal Sugar Daddy President Obama makes it rain.

And it is looking like President Obama and his minions in congress are fixing to spend our money like salesmen at the nudie bar with the company credit card.

Things to watch for tonight during Doyle's speech, endless promises to WEAC that they will get every dime he promised them. Little to no talk about cutting the size of the state government. Few if any real ideas other than begging for those Magic Federal Dollars.

I cannot wait to see the performance tonight.