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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey Idiot Snowmobilers! Enough With The Slaughter!

Ugh. This time it is in my backyard.
The familiar flock of ducks beneath the Main Street bridge in Fort Atkinson has been virtually wiped out, the apparent victim of inconsiderate snowmobilers.

A total of approximately 62 ducks were killed in two massacres over the weekend on the Rock River, near PremierBank, where they were congregating in the open water beneath the Main Street bridge.

A well worn path of snowmobile tracks indicate the snowmobilers were traveling at high speeds, possibly to skim over the open water, a stunt referred to as "shooting the hole" or "water skipping."

Fort Atkinson police were initially alerted to the ducks' slaughter at 12:19 a.m. Saturday.

A man told authorities that he and his wife had walked over the bridge around 7:30 p.m. Friday and observed the ducks on the water, alive.

However, just prior to coming to the police station, crossing the Main Street bridge, he saw the line of approximately 30 dead mallards around midnight.
[...]The slaughter continued Sunday evening, as a Fort Atkinson police officer observed another 32 dead ducks strewn across the ice in the next trussel to the north from the last group that was run over, bringing the total to approximately 62.

Look, jackasses. There has been plenty of media attention to snowmobiler slaughter of wildlife this winter. Perhaps, in another time and another place, I'd buy the possibility of accidentally hitting a few ducks after crossing open water, which is idiotic in itself (actually, I think anyone who snowmobiles on the river is an idiot). But there is no excuse this winter. Snowmobilers, it is time to put some serious pressure on your peers. There is nothing funny about this pointless killing of wildlife, and it is sullying all of you.