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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maybe it isnt the guns, but the people who live in Milwaukee

The MJS racist columnist has another post about gun crime in Milwaukee and the need for gun control.

I will once again ask if just having guns leads to gun crime where is the gun crime in Waukesha county or Washington county?

Sorry but I will let the MJS Racist Columnist in on a secret, we have more guns than you can shake a stick at out in Waukesha county. We just tend to also believe in the rule of law and usually do not shoot at each other out here. Hell when I get done writing this post I am going out to Cabela's to pick up a small mountain ammunition I bought to beat the coming Obama tax increase on ammunition. I just have no plans to shoot my neighbors with it. Well maybe those kids form the Lutheran school who keep walking on my lawn but I am still mulling that one over. ;)

My guess is if you took every gun out of the North Side of Milwaukee tomorrow they find new and time tested ways to kill each other. Knifes, baseball bats even the occasional 2 x 4. Guns are not the issue the people who live in those crime ridden area and how they follow societies rules are.

If you are a law abiding member of society no one will need to fear you no matter how many guns you own.

But you see people we are not allowed to blame the people who live in those crime ridden neighborhoods no people like the Racist Columnist from the MJS need to blame mindless machines which cannot kill or injury anyone without someone operating them.

Come on Eugene explain to me why all the guns in homes in Waukesha county are not killing everyone what makes them different then the evil guns that are terrorizing Milwaukee County?

The scary thing is a lot of the people in power would love it if Ammunition cost $5000 a bullet and do not be surprise if they try to work towards that goal.

My recommendation if you are a gun owner is start buying ammo in bulk now before they can implement those ideas. Ammunition will not go bad if stored properly so it will last for ever if you buy it now. I have been stock piling for the last 6 months every time I get a chance and a few extra dollars. Cabela's has very good deals and will ship it UPS right to your front door.

Hell in my mind you can never be too rich too thin or have too much ammo in the basement ;) well one out of three isn't that bad lol

Oh and if you do not own a gun yet to shoot all that ammo I am telling you to buy get off your ass and go get one now hell buy two if you can just to piss the liberals off

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed."

Why can't the left understand that one line?