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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wisconsin Should Be So Proud

Today when the Liberals in Congress pass their bogus "stimulus" bill they will be lead by Long Long Long Long Serving Wisconsin Congressman David Obey. So every line you read about more money for things that will not do a thing to stimulate the economy remember to thank Congress critter Obey who happens to be the Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations.

Did you know that David Obey has been in Congress 40 years, that right there tells you how wrong our system is. Like Ted Kennedy Obey has done nothing in his life but be in Congress.

That is what struck me when I heard yesterday that Obey was leading the rip off of the American people was how long he had been in Washington.

If there ever was an example of why we should have term limits Congressman Obey is it.

12 years in Congress should be enough time for anyone.

We need to change this system if we are ever going to take our government back.