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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Re McCain’s age?

This is my response to Chris in the comments, but I think it warrants broader exposure:

Can't tell if you're joking about the oldsters, but their demographic has been rising higher than the boomers', and like Obama says, they, like we, would all prefer somebody who looks like us.

In 2005, the WaPo wrote:

AARP's 35 million membership base is 10 times the size of the National Rifle Association's, and its $800 million budget is five times that of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the country's biggest business association. In number of members, AARP is surpassed only by the Roman Catholic Church.

McCain, RINO that he is, is ripe for entitlement giveaways, just like his presumptive predecessor.

If age becomes a factor, it is more likely to blow up in the face of someone claiming it's a detriment.

As of 1995 (It's Saturday am, I'm supposed to be doing my taxes instead of blogging, so I'll leave it to you to update the numbers), 12.8% of the US population was 65 and older. Too many people over 45 will not like to hear about a 72-year-old man being a dangerously ticking clock - they (like me) will feel it's them you might as well be talking about, and they will bite back.

Those numbers have grown (and will be alarmingly significant if you add in the 50+ demographic) and they may well be the "middle ground" that Dems and Repubs fight over for the presidency.

But you're right about Granpa Simpson, Chris - they will be chanting variations of "I'm old - gimme, gimme, gimme!"