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Friday, April 11, 2008

If I move to Colorado, and if I buy a great big SUV, I'm gonna get me one of these

Even your license plate can go 'green'

DENVER - Coloradans looking to help the environment may soon be able to showcase their efforts through a new license plate.

A bill to create the "Colorado Carbon Fund" special plate is expected to pass the House Transportation Committee later Thursday afternoon. Senate Bill 186 has already passed out of the State Senate.

To qualify for the plates, drivers will need to make a donation to the Colorado Carbon Fund, which is a voluntary carbon offset program being created by the Governor's Energy Office.
Imagine driving some enormous chunk of steel and rubber and petroleum derivatives around with a Stop Global Warming license plate! And then going to an environmentalist convention!

More fun is simply not to be had.

Oh, well, there's this:

Vehicles over 16,000 pounds will not be eligible to a Colorado Carbon Fund license plate.
Although...16,000 pounds? Eight tons? Seems like an awful lot of car.

How big is a Suburban?

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