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Friday, April 11, 2008

And the survey says...

The headline on WisPolitics says “Survey shows Bush approval rating in Wisconsin lowest in eight years.”

My reaction: they’re still measuring that? With less than a year left in office? What’s the point?

And then I realize: if they weren’t measuring the President’s approval rating (31%), we couldn’t point out that he's still more popular than Congress (27%).

Other findings:

  • Governor Doyle’s approval ratings are really high (59%) – higher than the Legislature’s, which are also pretty high (45%).

  • Taxes (28%) and the Econony & Jobs (21%) rank way higher than the 3rd and 4th place issues – Education and Health Care, at 6.5% each.
Do those two findings seem contradictory to anybody else?

More: 46% think there should be no smoking ban at all for bars.

Last year, big majorities opposed smoking bans for bars or restaurants, but the survey doesn't report similar breakdowns this time.

And: fewer than one out of five Wisconsinites think Supreme Court Justices should be appointed rather than elected. Lots of support for further finance restrictions, though.