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Friday, April 11, 2008

Slacker Bites

So it's Friday. At least I'm up before noon, alright? Hey, I coulda changed the timestamp to yesterday, just after Jib's post, and nobody but Marcus and Lance would know.


Gretchen reviews the election, and wryly observes that "There are lots of bad people in Wisconsin."

Clint plays with his daughter's Wii. Something about that sounds wrong... He goes on about Lego Star Wars, can't really fail, blowing things up, and Chewie ripping the arms off storm troopers. Fun for kids!

Your Milwaukee mayor - apparently also a slacker - blogs today about cleaning up the streets! Find your designated zone and cleanup week ! Funny... the mayor's name isn't anywhere on the page... I love non-blogs.

Jim demonstrates how easy it is to see the shiny Milwaukee - "promising news"! "The region would seem to be ready to leverage globalization to its own benefit"! - if you look at it just right... from Pittsburgh. Or Afghanistan.

As a Beloiter and a slacker, I take this opportunity to introduce to you a few of what I call "Beloiterers" - Beloit College students who aren't from around here - because you find them every now and then looking somewhat dazed or lost, hanging out in the coffee shops or the book store, or confusedly wandering somewhere else in town that's not -ahem- quite as hip.

Meet Quinn, a California transplant like me, and enjoy her poetry and cartoons. Krista dishes on student life, her "wretched runner" and ninja librarians. With pictures of baby llama! Delna shows us her Chinese calligraphy, and shares my love of Frost. Not the Wisconsin kind. And you all thought that Madison held erudite sway.

I'm not enchanted necessarily with anything there, I just love the absurdity of it, so I have to let it fall off my tongue and off my keyboard: Uppity Wisconsin! You may want to skip the bit about the poor, persecuted Vet in favor of True Patriot Green Russ! It's alluringly tagged . I will note, after a scan of a few other posts, the question that comes to mind: Are these people actually raising any children of their own?

Cool shot of the Southern Hinterlands from photo blogger Barri.

Peace out!

Update: Had to add this little bonus from the home front, for my slacker homies out there.