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Friday, April 11, 2008

Concealed Carry on Campus

In the wake of the recent killings in the Madison area, a student group advocating for the concealed carrying of weapons on campus has been gaining more attention.

Bret Bostwick, campus leader of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said he first thought of starting a University of Wisconsin chapter of the group after the Virginia Tech shooting last year. After the shooting, he said he wondered whether the tragedy “could have played out any differently.”

“We can’t say for sure that a concealed handgun license holder in one of those classrooms would have prevented the shooting, but we can say for certain it would even the odds,” he said.
I think that was a re-hashed quote from an earlier interview - surely he'd have referenced the recent apartment murder otherwise.

Regardless, nice to see this issue getting some press.

Not that there isn't opposition. This was interesting:

According to UW Police Department Lt. Eric Holen, university police would still oppose concealed carrying on campus, even if it became legal statewide.

“The person carrying the weapon may feel more safe and more in control,” he said. “But the person next to them may or may not feel more safe if they know people around them are carrying guns.”

Holen said people cannot solely rely on a weapon to protect themselves. He said personal safety has to be multifaceted…
My emphasis. What he says is true, and Holen has some good advice in the proceeding paragraphs. But. Why shouldn’t one of the “facets” of personal safety be the potential of legally carrying a gun?

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